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Cat Death.

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Someone gave me a cat yesterday.I fed it gave it milk food etc.
The problem is that it died.It died within one day.I strongly believe that an other cat killed mine because it was scatched and .
I heard before some newwwwws but i didnt go to se what waws s happening.

The question is can a cat kill an othrt cat and what to do about that
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How old was this cat? Did it look sick, appear sick? It sounds like something else was wrong with it, besides just a cat scratch. Giving milk to a cat, will cause problems but not usually death. Not much you can do about it without having a necropsy done to determine the cause of death.

I am moving this to our health forum for you where it needs to be.
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I'm sure in the wild cats kill other cats while fighting all the time. usually over food or a mate or something. but you said that someone gave you the cat..did you mean in person or they left it on your doorstep? cause if it was on your doorstep, then perhaps it got in a fight and some organs were damaged and it crawled to your door. Then you cared for it...

Just some of my thoughts.
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Well, I think you didn't gave "fool" info... It's very difficult to say why did you kitty died in that very case...
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The cat wasnt sick.Noone left it in front of my door.
There were bloods coming from its skin.Well me and my friend were given a cat by someone who had many.But it wasnt sick becausewhy to die the first day?The cat was little.i mean a kitten.Smaller tha n a kiiten.But my friend's isnt older.If you havents seen the post
Cat death i must tell you that the cat was killed by another cat.
Sorry for my english
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And please tell em what top do to protect the cat that i wil buy
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I am moving this and joining it with your other thread about this topic in Health and Nutrition.

Without a whole lot more information I am afraid there is not much help we can give you.
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I am sorry about the death of this cat. But since I was not there to see the cat and see if it was sick, the only way you can find out what ultimately caused it to die, would be to have a necropsy performed on it, and by now that isn't possible as you have to keep the cat frozen once it has passed on, to make the tests accurate.

A cat can die from a cat bite, but it has to be severe enough to cause an immediate reaction to die so fast. Otherwise, it is a painful and slow death, depending on where the bite is.

My guess would be the cat either lost a lot of blood before you got it, or it some underlying illness/disease that caused its demise. If you have other cats, you might consider taking them to the vet and getting them vaccinated just in case. I would not introduce another cat right away to your home, give the virus (if there is one) a chance to die off- which takes about 1-3 months depending on what the virus was.
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If the kitten was outdoors all alone it's possible that a wandering tom found and attacked it.

How to keep a kitten safe.
I don't know where you are located, or what your customs are regarding pets, but here in the United States a lot of people feel the best way to keep a cat safe is to keep it indoors. An indoor only cat is protected from hazards such as other predators, other cats, dogs, mean people, cars and poisons. It's possible for a well-cared for indoor only cat to live up to 20 years or maybe even a little longer.

Another way to protect any future cat you may have is to have a vet give the cat a complete examination as soon as possible to make sure the cat is healthy, and gets any immunizations it may need.

I'm so sorry about the loss of your kitten.
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