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Do your cats pant?
Earlier this morning, I meant to come and post this, but over the weekend the 2 older kids are out of town with their cousins, and their nana's house so we have had just our youngest Elizabeth here with us...she is absolutely loving the attention, but anyway...this morning, both hubby and I were laying on the bed playing with her, and hubby was tickling her , and of course Elizabeth laughs extremely loud and all...but I guess she was more louder than usual, because Fluffy scrammed up on top of our dresser as fast as she could after Elizabeth laughed and her eyes were dialated, and ears wre flat down, and she began to pant for a few seconds...it just lasted a few seconds, but I have never seen her do this...
I am sure she just got startled and that was it, but I went to pet her and say we were sorry for being so loud, and she came back up and laid down by us after that and started purring....talk about mood swings...
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you scared her is all, cats when they are stressed or upset will sometimes pant.
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