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Kathy, I feel so bad that your DH won't let you get another cat. I will send change-his-mind energy towards you and hope all goes well. I have had no problems with a multi-cat household, no personality changes, no serious fighting (a little kitty karate here and there, but without intent to harm, more like dominance posturing).

I feel doubly bad since I mentioned in here about getting another cat! I'm sorry!
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Don't be sorry ok please know I will be alright..You are so sweet to be so caring though...I will get over it, and in time, I will get another kitty..I guess it just isn't meant to be to get one right now....even though I feel like it is, but don't feel bad about anything....I replied in my other post, that I feel a little better about not being so depressed about it this afternoon..I think as long as I quit looking at Nimbus's picture, I will be alright..
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Aw, Kathy, I'm so sorry!!! It is just so heartbreaking to see all the cats and kittens out there that need homes, and when they're "near" (LOL!) it does make it so hard, doesn't it?

If anyone told me that I'd have one cat, let alone four, I never would have believed it. Who knew that we would end up with four of the five from the original feral litter?

Unfortunately, I guess you'll just have to wait until hubby's ready. His resentment wouldn't be good for any of you. Sending "Want a Kitty" vibes your way!!!

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Oh - and Sue, what a GORGEOUS kitty!!!!! And Sandi, I'm looking forward to finding that thread with pics of Charm!
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She's been hiding in the attic since Saturday. She has been eating and using the box (we moved one up there for her overnight and closed the door so the other cats didn't bother her. Mmm...food in the attic, must be special stuff!) She had been doing real well for a few days and then reverted back to hiding again...
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