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grrrrrrr....I'm really mad!

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A lady called the Humane Society wanting to give up her cat because her three-year-old child keeps being mean to the poor kitty. She said that the cat was sweet and lovable but was scared of the boy. Since I am a member of the Humane Society board, the director called me to see whether I would be willing to work with the child to help him learn how to be gentle with the cat. Of course I eagerly agreed to volunteer. So, I called the lady and told her that I am a psychologist who specializes in helping modify the behaviors of children and told her I would be willing to come to their house and work with the boy for free so that they could keep the cat. She needs to think about it and when I call back she told me that she took the cat to the pound. Sadly, this "shelter" almost always euthenizes the animals the same day they are brought in, so I am sure the cat is dead.

It irks me because I was willing to give her hundreds of dollars of free services in order to help her son better behave and in order to help the cat. But she just wasn't willing to put any effort into improving the lives of the boy or the cat.
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Oh, no...is there any chance that this cat could still be alive at that particular shelter? What a horrible thing to happen. You went all out and did everything you could to try to help - and then this happens...I'm so very sorry. Ugh...I just don't understand people sometimes. I mean, I'm glad the lady originally took the cat in to get it away from the mean treatment from her little boy, but to take it somewhere that euthanizes the animals immediately is ridiculous. That poor cat...never even got a second chance at a good life. You were such an to offer your services (for free yet). It sounds to me like the lady didn't want to bother with the cat and there may have been some other reasons for her getting rid of it, doesn't it?

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Talk about needing a reality check! So sorry Renae that it didn't work out, so sorry for the kitty, and shame on that lady for treating this pet like a disposable diaper!
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Renae, I don't know what to say or think about that woman. She doesn't value life. she doesn't value education, and she doesn't appreciate your valuable time and skills. I don't think anyone could have changed her mind. It must have been made up before you got involved. How tragic!
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People like that shouldn't be parents. If they can't care for a mostly self-sufficient animal like a cat, how on earth do they expect to raise a child into a decent human being?
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Not to sound mean but why does that surprise you? Alot of peopel treat animals like disposable things anymore. I know and you all know it's horrible and we can do all we can to educate them on not doing that but there are always the few dunder heads who no matter what will absolutely not listen.
I know this because I have a friend who got rid of a cat because he kept spraying in her basement(where she keeps them because she now has dogs upstairs and the cats are afraid of being attacked) Itold her I thought it wasn't much of a life for an animal to live like that and now finally she's gotten the message somewhat and will let the two remaining cats roam upstairs when she or someone is home(thankfully while the family is gone all the animals are in the basement the dogs in crates and the cats loose now, this family is not to with it but they are getting better slowly) and though it took them getting rid of one cat, I guess it was for the good in some ways, IMO these cats really need to go to other homes but you can't tell her that no matter what. She loves her animals she just thinks of them as you can trade them in on something neater type of things, and i really hate that.
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Barb, I think we all know that many people are like that-especially Renae, who teaches psychology at the college level! We just need to vent about these things. "How can they?" is only a rhetorical question. We know they do, but it still hurts us and infuriates us when we hear of people like this. SOS is a good place for righteous indignation, as well as a place to help animals in distress.
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I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend anyone,I just was saying that lots of people don't see animals like we do and it bothers me as much as it bothers the rest of you. I hope I didn't offend any of you. I guess I just got caught up in the moment. My bad sorry.
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Barb. I'm sure that there was no offense taken. We're a different kind of animal lover, aren't we? I'm sure most people would say "What a shame," and forget about it. It's great that we have this site so that we can inform people and help them to understand what careless breeding, etc. can cause. Your thread on animal hoarders is an example of something some people know little about! I'm so glad you're contributing to the forum.
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Don't worry...I wasn't offended!

I just came here to vent. Sadly I often see this exact behavior in parents of children who have behavior problems. The parents say "fix my kid" but are completely unwilling to do anything themselves to help their kids get better. Of course we can't "fix" a kid when it is the parent (not the kid) that is broken!

Anyway, I see this kind of sickening and disheartening behavior every day. But, even though I see it every day it still really irks me -- especially when the solution is really very simple, but they just aren't willing to try!
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How do you deal with it? I'd be so angry I'd have to call the parent and tell them exactly how I felt(anomously of course) and why what I felt they did was wrong and what they could've done. I think now that I re-read your post that it sounds to me like a pathetic excuse on the parents part to get rid of the animal. that is even more horrible, using your child as the excuse for your not wanting an animal anymore.
I'm glad I didn't offend anyone.
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Thats what I was thinking, this lady didnt want that cat, child or not. What I allways wonder about is how people who dont want animals end up with them in the first place? Thats allways frustraiting to hear of.
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I just have to echo what you say about this being an all to common occurance. We have at least one cat at the shelter right now who can not go to a house with children because the animal was abused by a child. As sad as it is I get mad at the parents, small children don't really know any better unless taught. This just seems to be another one of those things that some parents don't the time or ambition to teach their children. On the other hand I have seen some children come into the shelter that are wonderful with cats very gentle & know exactly how to handle the animal.
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