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From South Africa 2 New Zealand

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Well...my sister from South Africa is moving to New Zealend and she has a cat which she's had for 5yrs, and she says that theirs no way she's leaving it behind. Anyways, she's taking it with her and we were wondering what 2do!

Does the cat have to go through some special procedure or what? Il be glad if you could respond before June....

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I dont know too much about it, but you might want to check with Customs? You probably would need certian vaccinations and stuff on that order.
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You should PM Wellington Cats - she lives in NZ. Kiwideus may be able to help you, too. She lives in the US but is from NZ.
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One of these fine folks will probably help answer your questions

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I just saw this. I have been researching moving my cats to NZ also.

Here is a link that I hope will help. THey are the only quaratine services in NZ - and your pet HAS to be quaratined But I am not sure how long for.

Hope this helps.

Moving Pets to NZ
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I had a friend who moved to the UK from the US and her cats had to be quarantined. I think the time length varies. Hers had to be quarantined for a year.
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I did some more research and I came across this official Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries which has specific information for specific countries - for example, pets from South Africa will have to be quarantined for 120 days, while those from the US will be for 30 days.

I hope this helps!

That website has all the details what your sister will need to do.

Good luck!
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