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Another spaying question...

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My little girl, Teeka, just went in for spaying this Tuesday past. She's about 6 months old. First off, I should have read in here first about it because when I got her home and she was stumbling around punch drunk, I was a bit concerned. Popped on here and saw that that was a normal thing. Thanks guys/gals!

My question... at first she was fine in terms of activity. She was obviously sore and a bit hopped up on anaethesia. I was, in a way, hoping she would stay that was for a few days.

Well, come the NEXT morning, she's running around like a bat out of hell. I can try to keep her calmed down by petting her and whatnot when I'm around but I can't always be here. I'm wondering if it's okay for her now, 4 days removed from surgery, to be more active and starting to be allowed to be her normal self.

This is the first time I've had or had to maintain a spayed cat and any other advice you folks could toss my way would be a Godsend. You're great.
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As long as she isn't chewing her stitches and they aren't looking infected, I would let her do what she feels comfortable doing. Most kitties recover quickly after a spay.
Send us an update when you can! Oh, and Photos too!
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Both my females were exactly like that. One had to wear the collar for almost a week because she liked to lick the stitches.

I have found its the male cats that are the big wimps! LOL
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Teeka's so cute!

And yea, I think that she'll be all right.
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