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Just bought home my abandoned kitten

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2 days ago I was working in the Dog Grooming shop where I am employed and my boss brings in theses 4 adorable 5 wk old abandoned kittens, well my Husband has already said that no I could not have any more animals, (I already have 2 other cats, 2 ferrets, a small parrot, a rabbit and a hamster) but I could not resist little Ava, she is a Grey tabby and she is so loving. Needless to say my husband is not happy, but that's ok. I also have Kramer, he is 8 mo old now, but when I found him, barely living, I had to bring him home and nurse him back to health. He was barely 4 wks old and not weaned, I handled all that ol and went looking for the perfect home, of course by this time I was attached, so when my Mother & father In-law offered to take him, I thought that is was the perfect solution, I could see him anytime I wanted, well after 1 day my mother in-law called me and said that he was getting on the furniture, and getting into everything, also chewing power cords, (you have to know my mother in law to realize how funny this is). I tried to explain to her that he was just being a Kitten but to no avail, I took him home and he has been with us ever since. Funny story about Kramer though he was formerly named Phoebe, but after a trip to the vet found out he was a boy, I felt like such an idoit and I am scared that the same thing is going to happen with Ava. Anyways sorry about being long winded, I just wanted to tell my story to people who care about cats as my family thinks that I am crazy!
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Bless your heart for rescuing her! Keep us posted as to how she does in her new home. And when you get a chance, please post pictures, of her and all your pets! We love ALL kinds of pet pictures here!!!
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Oh, Thanks so much for sharing~!! :

Yesterday, i had lunch with a very close buddy (she is in her 50s, a very very close friend of mine is she) and she said i was nuts to be so "cats-obsessed." My hubby said the same of me many times over.

So, take heart, as we are in the same boat... teehee!!

Smiles and Cheers!
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Congratulations on your newest addition to the family! I'm sure in a very short time, your hubby will fall totally in love with the new kitten and forget about being unhappy about it all. That is so wonderful of you to care so much about this little one. And I agree with Mom of 10 cats and GurlPower as well...I think when you love animals as much as we all do, there are bound to be people that think we're crazy . If that makes us crazy...I wouldn't want to be sane Anyhow...best of luck with the new little one!
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We are just glad that the baby has a home with someone who really cares about animals! There are people who are hoarders, who keep taking in cats even though they can't afford to take proper care of them. You certainly don't sound like that! You sound like a caring person who will give this new baby a great home! Thanks for being so kind hearted. I hope your husband soon accepts the new kitten.
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We just adopted a stray as well. I understand exactly how you feel. Before I had the pets that I do, I was not a pet person, less a cat person. I was quite allergic to animals, and I was lot allowed to have them. I am so happy that you have added another cat to your household. Regarding your pet story about the name, we ran into the same problem. We had originally named him Ferum, which means lead, and if I am correct, it is the feminine form of the word ferrus. ANYWAYS...We took him to the vet, and I had found out that it was a boy, so we renamed him Nakita. So...I can relate to your experience with your new kitty. Congrats by the way.

Here is a picture of my new kitty.
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Clinton, what a handsome guy he is!!!

Have you met Russian Blue on the board here? She has a Russian Blue cat, also named Nakita!

Two Nakitas MUST be better than just one!
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No I haven't met Russian Blue. Honestly, I have no idea what Nakita is either. I wanted to say he was some sort of Siberian cat, but I think I am mistaken. This picture was taken when we just brought him home. He looks so much better now. His hair is less matted. I hope to get more pictures as he progresses.

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Congrats Tarav on the new arrival, hopefully we can see pictures & Clinton that kitty is gorgeous, how sweet of you too rescue it - Sam
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Part of this thread was moved to Behavior, but you may continue to post about the adoption. There was a litter box problem that is better addressed in that forum.
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