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what is the BEST dry food you can get at petsmart?

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The baby kittens are running low on there dry food. So I wanted to switch them before they run out so I could mix the old and new together. I was wondering what the best kitten dry food you can get at petsmart is? I fed moe and neo eukanbua when they were babies and they did great on it. Now that I'm working again I can afford to fork out alittle more money for food. But since I have read things about iams I don't want to buy eukanbua. I don't think I have ever seen the babycat34 there I'll have to look again. Is science diet any good? I think I saw Max Cat kitten dry food.
They are currently eating
this canned food:

Authority Premium Kitten Formula In Cans
Authority Kitten is a premium quality chicken and rice formula with extra protein to insure proper growth and development of your kitten. Outstanding quality meat formula with no by-products, artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Fortified with Taurine for healthy eyes and heart. Available in cases of 24 in both 3 and 6 oz can sizes.

and this canned food

SophistaCat Supreme Gourmet Canned Food For Kittens
SophistaCat Supreme Gourmet Kitten Food provides the same great quality as SophistaCat Supreme Adult Formulas but with added protein for your growing kitten. Lots of real meat and fish protein with added vitamins and minerals to provide complete and balanced nutrition for proper growth. Contains no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Easy opening aluminum cans in packs of 24/3 oz. Compare to Fancy Feast.®
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I use Authority for for Rock, and Fluff...I have never had any complaints either..I recommend this!
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I'd say Nutro or Authority.
Do you have a Petco in your area? Petco sells Royal Canin.
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I don't think we have a petco. I'll have to look at there sight and see where the closet one is
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Val, I went to the petsmart website to see what foods they have available. It looks like your choices are Nutro, Hill's Science Diet, Authority, Bil-Jac, and SophistaCat. Out of those choices, I'm with nern - I'd choose Nutro or Authority.

Personally, I don't like Science Diet because the first two ingrediants are chicken by-product meal and corn meal. (Although my vet is always pushing me to feed this.)

From what I can find on Bil-Jac, the first few ingrediants are Fresh Chicken By-Products (Organ Meat Only), Fresh Chicken, Corn, Dried Beet Pulp (sugar removed), and Chicken By-Product Meal. (Pretty much the same deal as Science Diet to me... I don't like the by-products or corn.)

I can't find any info on SophistaCat, so I can't really suggest it.

These are just my thoughts. Hope you find something helpful out of them.
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Nutro as well as Nutro Natural Choice are both good. That's what my kitties have eaten for years, and they do quite well on it. But I do second the mention of Royal Canin, if there is a Petco near you. It's way better than all of the ones at Petsmart, in my opinion!
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My cats prefer Hills and Royal Canin.
Off- why did the produsers of the cats food called different food almost thó same names - Nutra and Nutro thomething?
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I hate it when the names of the food are sound the same! I get all confused.
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Nutro makes Nutro Max Cat and Nutro Natural Choice. They are different food by the same manufacturer. Both are good, but I think the Natural Choice has better ingredients.
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There is a petco kinda close to me, I'll have to ask dh if he wants to take a ride. I guess I could always order it online. I kinda want to try that babycat34. That sounds really good!
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My babies are eating Royal Canin Babycat 34! They love it! They don't nurse as much anymore. When they try to nurse, Mimi stands up and calls them to the food bowl!

Do you have any local pet stores other than PetsMart?
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well we have zoo's but they sell puppies and kitten in cages...So i won't by from them. May seems silly but I just don't think that is right! We have a family pet center but they sells puppies in cages, and I think that is it! There is a petco about 45 minutes away which isn't tooooo bad, but I would have to get hubby to go to because i have no clue how to get there. I have always wanted ot go to a petco though! I'm going ot order some one line. I need to get the kitten weaned completly buy the time they are ten weeks because that is when snowwhite is getting fixed.
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