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Apartment hunting

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I've been browsing on-line apartment listings, as well as the classifieds. There are plenty of apartments, in my price range and in the area, that I want to live. The problem is the pet deposits. Some of these places want $400, for ONE cat! The lowest that I've found, was $75. THAT'S doable.

I know that I can't take the dogs but I have to have pets. Cats do well, in an apartment and I'm renting unfurnished so, if anything gets damaged, its mine. If needs be, maybe Bill will keep the cats for a month, until I can pay the pet deposits. He likes them, as well as the dogs.

On top of the initial deposit, some of the buildings charge $10-25 per month pet rent. This is getting ridiculous! I'm not even looking at them.

I'm also looking at mobile homes, to rent. They seem to rent cheaper, than apartments and some of the listings show fenced yards, so I'll have some privacy. Fingers crossed, that I find something decent and affordable.
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I hope you find something that's decent (at the least) and that fits in your budget, Cindy. The amount some landlords want for pet deposits and sometimes additional rent for the pets can get ridiculous. Unfortunately, there are a lot of uninformed people out there that know nothing about cats, assume they will destroy everything in the place, and think they won't be able to rent the place ever again. If only they took the time to educate themselves... they'd probably have happier, possibly better tenants.
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I hope you are able to find something affordable that will allow your kitties too! I'm sure you will. Good luck!
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I think it's a lot down to pet owners too. I rented a house after people with cats had it and all the walls had been clawed. The place also reeked of cat pee. I think landlords are just protecting themselves from having to carry out expensive renovations.

Having said that, most people do tend to be responsible and respect other people's property etc.

Cindy - I hope you find just the right kind of place for you and the 3 fur bundles - a mobile home sounds nice, at least you might have a bit of garden or a porch to sit out on . . .

Good luck, I'll certainly keep my fingers crossed!!
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Cindy, hoping you find a lovely place for you and your babies. Good luck mate!
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The last apartment I lived in had a $10/month charge on the rent for 1 cat. Never told them I had 2..... The thing that really burned me was after 4 tears they prorated my security deposit because of carpet damage caused by one of the cats. (Yes, he did do it...) The way I saw it, I had paid for that damage and then some with the $10/month over 4 years. I wrote a letter to the complex manager stating my case. What a waste of time that was. They kept part of the deposit anyway.....
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it's so hard to find an apartment or any kind of rental that permits pets. Everytime I look thru the ads almost every one says "No Pets" and the ones that don't tell you when u call My friend pays an extra $25 a month for her cat and I think that's ridiculous but I would pay it if I had to.. I hope u find a good place Cindy
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My apartment complex has a $400 pet fee, that is a one time thing, no matter how long you live in the apartment. It's a lot, but I mean, I only pay it once, so I guess it's OK. Besides, it's either that or not having a cat.

Good luck with finding an apartment! I hope you find something that accomodates your kitties and is affordable!
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It is hard to find a place that will take pets. And now alot of places are saying that the cat had to be declawed. I hate that!
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Oh Cindy, I know you'll find somewhere. Maybe not the "perfect" place but whereever it is, it will be HOME.
I'm hoping you find a moblie...that way you'll have a yard, small or not small.but even if not you'll be ok, just tell them you have 1 kitty (like we did....and secertly have 7 total)
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I have rented many times over the years, and have found it helpful if you can get letters of reference from previous landlords stating that your animals have not damaged the property, or if they had, you made repairs. That made the difference several times in getting a decent place, or a dump so we could keep the cats. Best of luck in your hunting.
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First of all, good luck! The pet deposits seem awfully high in some cases, but I think sometimes the landlords/landladies are trying to protect themselves from irresponsible pet owners. We rent out the other half of our "twin houses" (duplex), and allow pets with no security fee. However, sometimes I wish we hadn't started that, not because I worry about the damage the animals do, but because we have no control over how the pets are "kept". We've experienced rabbits and a ferret kept in cages in an unheated, dark cellar (landlords, by law, can't forbid animals in cages or tanks here), and a dog that could only enter one bedroom and the kitchen. Maybe the landlords hope that people who are willing to pay a high fee will turn out to be better guardians.
You might get away with saying you only have 1 (or 2) cat(s). We originally co-owned our house with my brother-in-law, not a big animal lover, before buying him out. He was transferred to another city, and rented his half out to a retired couple with an older dachshund. The lease said they could have that particular dog, but no other. The couple suddenly went on a "long vacation to Spain", and when they returned, the vacation had done wonders for the dog! We realized that it wasn't the same dog, but simply didn't say anything to K. After we became their landlords, the people admitted that their Anna had died, so they bought a Dachshund puppy that looked a lot like her, named her Anna, and lived at their daughter's house until the "new Anna" was big enough to pass for the "old Anna".
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I'm not advocating lying here, but I have lived in several apartments. Most of them had no idea about my cats. If I got caught, only once BTW, I paid the deposit.

As you mentioned, most cats don't do damage. I always thought it was ridiculous to pay extra, just because we had a cat. Good luck, I hope you find something nice and affordable.
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Good luck finding an apartment; I've gone through that before. I have lived in this apartment for 14 years and don't plan on moving.
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Originally posted by binkyhoo
It is hard to find a place that will take pets. And now alot of places are saying that the cat had to be declawed. I hate that!
How rude!!! The ignorance!!!
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