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How Should I have reacted?

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For those of you that read my thread "PEW" You will know that I have a new rat called Sally, well her cage sits on a cofee table in my room and all my rats were in there "admiring" her when one cat (Elmo) jumped on her cage causing it too snap in half, rat too be freaked, something heavy fell on rat she could of been crushed too death , I heard noises I screamed saw guilty cat screamed at him and threw him out the door and then I thought was it really Elmos fault fixed cage, gave elmo some treats and now I guess I'm venting, Did I overreact?
Wooo, I feel like such a bad Mummy to Sally & Elmo now
Any Advice?

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Although you must of been freaked and worried about your rat, you have to understand that cats are prey animals and rodents are their primary source of prey and nutrition. Your cat cannot just stop acting like a cat because you want him to. You can get cats used to rodents, rats, guinea pigs, hamsters, but it takes time, there is a system to it and sometimes, the minute you look away you risk something happening to the rodent anyway.

Don't get angry at your cat for acting out in what is his nature. Keep the rat in a room away from the cat so this type of thing won't happen again. Or find another home for Pew, one without a cat in it.
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I think you just over reacted a bit, but don't feel too bad...it happens to the best of us. It's hard not to react out of fear when something like that happens. At least you'll know better for next time! Chin up, girl. Just give Elmo some loves and tell him your sorry...he'll forget all about it!
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Hissy , I understand that they are prey & predator and Sally & Elmo love each other at the moment they are both snuggled up on my knee ( Rat & Cat ), He would never hurt her , elmo just tends to always jump on things and stuff , anyway me and elmz are buddz again , We have had rats before and I couldn't give Sally away not after I rescued her 2 days ago..

Shell, Thanks for understanding

Anyway we are all friends again.. Sam & Sally & Elmo..
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My siamese fighting fish died not so long ago. We placed his body in a plastic cup on the kitchen bench. And after returning from the next room we had a plastic cup of water. We found Sushi's mangled body on the floor.

We were both rather upset and placed both cats in a separate room from us and closed the door. And yes, there was screaming from our part which we are rather ashamed of. It wasn't their fault.

But our cats do love us still. We apologised for the yelling and played with them for a while and offered treats as peace offerings.
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I'm sorry to hear about the fish but glad the cats forgave you
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Sam, I don't think you over-reacted at the time. I'm sure we all would have been at least a little upset. After all, you thought Sally had been crushed. The important thing is, you recognised that you could have handled it differently and I'm sure you will next time - it's a learning experience!

((((Hugs)))) to Sally and Elmo.
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Thank You Tania, I have moved Sally to a higher table and a wider one so kitties can't knock ratties off.

They send you {{{HUGS}}} Back
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