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Tea Tree Shampoo?

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Does anyone know anything about Tea Tree shampoo?I have a dry scalp and I heard this might help. Any one have any idea?
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I use a hole line with tea tree oil - scrab, mask, themething for bath, shampoo (I had the same problem as you) and creem and quite happy with it. It suits me perfectly!
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Sorry, not much help here with that shampoo. Lately Tea Tree Oil has become a pretty popular thing. I know that it help heal sores and prevent infection.

Have you tried any other kinds of Shampoo for dry scalp? Just a word from the wise (ya right!), most of the dry scalp shampoos have chemicals in them and they will strip out a perm or hair color quite well! My Mom once got a perm and happened to run out of her regular shampoo, so she used my Dad's Denorex for dry scalp...and her perm was completely gone! So, I'd be a little careful when it comes to certain kinds of shampoo since I know you just recently colored your hair red.

Hope that helps a bit!
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shell you did't have to tell 4000+ member's I dye my hair! Just kidding!! I don't care how many people know!!
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Sherral it will work on you just fine- but it will poison your cats if you use it on them. I know you said it is for you- but just wanted to give you a head's up the stuff is highly toxic to cats.
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Thanks Hissy ! I did not know that!! It is for me!!
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I have used Tea Tree Oil shampoo and loved it. It smells really good and feels even better. You know that menthol, icy-cold feeling you get in your mouth when you eat a really good breath mint? That's how it feels all over your head. I have no clue if it'll help remedy a dry scalp though. Sorry!
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I use Paul Mitchell's Tea Tree Shampoo, and it is soooooo good. My scalp is always really clean and just at the right level. Not dry, and not oily. It definitely works for me
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Sounds good! I have the same problem and HATE using those anti-dandruff shampoos - they're so chemicalish and smelly. Can you get the shampoo at a health food shop?
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