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Ok, I've got a question. I told a guy at work I'd ask around. I have my opinon of what's going on with his cat but let's see what others say & if you have any help I can tell him. I myself have never had a problem with a cat going outside of the litter, but his cat has started to. I guess he has just a couple of time sprayed (& I say sprayed because he is geitting it all over the bathroom door in thier basement). This particular cat had crystals in his urine a couple of years ago & a change in diet has helped with that. I asked about changes in the house & the guy at work said one of his sons just moved back into the house. Then we talked a little more & he said the cat was drinking more & urinating more in general. (which leads to my opinon that he may have something medical going on) I explained that the cat should be taken to the vet to make sure he wasn't having some sort of problem and said I would ask around for ideas to stop him from spraying, so anyone got anything that's worked for them?
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I would take him to the vet, and if he is not fixed get him fixed, that may help.
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You were correct, especially with a history of crystals already the cat needs a vet call and quickly.
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The cat is fixed.
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Yup, sounds like vet time, especially with a history of urinary tract problems. Many times cats go outside the litterbox to tell us something is wrong. They can't speak to us, so they show us.
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I'd take him to the vet. Get the crystals checked out and a check for a possible urinary tract infection while he's there too.
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