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I didnt know where else to post.

I cant put my kitty in my signature. I cant figure out how to make the picture show!!! ive tried ez codes and html... help!
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ganusya, take everything that you currently have inside your quotes in your signature, and put just that part in between the tags: [img][/img] Make sure you have no spaces in it, and it should show up for you.
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Just like jgaruba said, just use the IMG tags at the beginning and end of your link, and the pic should show up. Also, be sure the picture is somewhere where remote viewing is allowed, such as www.imagestation.com

Give it a try and let us know!
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i tried and it keeps showing up as a link...
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You need to have the picture posted on a site that allows remote viewing, as dtolle mentioned.
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I use Imagestation and I found it was the easiest one to use. I'm still learning alot of this kind of stuff, so the easier the better was my route.

A lot of us on here use Imagestation, so if you do get stumped we most likely could help you figure it out.
Good luck!
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