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Pictures of the kittens!

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I finally got my camera working again! Thanks to Kittenkaboodle! Enjoy!

Here are the babies at 5 weeks old!

All Together



Isis Again


Zues Again

Zues And Chaos

I have determined their coat color, eye color and coat lengths! Zues is chocolate all over, with silver shading over his kness. He is going to have long hair. His eyes are a bright green. His dad is Rascal, my 38" long, 12 pound, Maine Coon Cross! Isis is a Seal Point Mitted Snowshoe. She has aqua colored eyes and a short coat. Her dad is Vader, my 11 pound, 33" Black Siamese. Chaos is black with little white hairs all over his body, so cute! His eyes are turning gold, and he is going to have a short coat!
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Here is a picture of Peppurr! Sorry about the quality of the pictures! They look so good until I save them on ImageStation!

By the way, I just built that scratching post Isis is on! It took me an hour. Cute eh?
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Cute Cat & Mini cats!!!!!!!!!!! , I the post as well
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Adorable! I want to squeeeeeeeze them!

And since I have no idea how you do it... how do you determine who each of the daddies are? And their coat/eye colors and coat lengths? Is it easy to tell what their eventual specs are going to be at 5 weeks? (I'm really just curious... I got Spike at 8 weeks and he's my first cat. )
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awwwwwww they are SOOOOOOo cute!!!!!!!!
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Jen, Zues has a very plush coat. His fur on his face is about an inch long. He has tufts between his toes and on the tips of his ears. His eye color is just emerging, and it's a beautiful green color! I know Rascal is his father, since Vader and Mimi both have short fur. Mimi mated with Rascal and Vader, Vader produced 3 kittens, one died, and Rascal produced one.

You can see in the pictures that Zues has a chocolate colored coat. His undercoat is black, then it turns silver, and the tips are choclatey! He used to be black, but now his color and coat are emerging. His dad has really long hair, so I predict Zues will have the same.

Zues' dad (Rascal is only 5 months old in this picture, so his coat is ALOT longer now!)

Chaos and Isis' Dad

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YOur babies are so quite! I'd love to hug your chocolale boy!
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What cute babies!
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Tasha, your kittens are beautiful!

With the quality of the pictures, I've noticed that most of your pics have a slightly blurry, slightly off-colour bit right in the middle going vertically. Check and clean the lens of your camera and clean any other bits that you can - this might help. You can see this blurry bit most on the pics called 'All Together' and 'Isis'.

Good luck!
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What adorable kittens!!!! Looking at all of you alls kitten pics makes me want another kitty soo bad!!!
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Tania, I can't clean inside my lens. It's condensation and it's on the inside. Would a blow dryer dry it up?
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blow dryer's work great on car headlights that have water in them so I think it would work on the camera!
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Thanks Val!
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those kitties are soo cute!
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