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Tell us about your dreams & what you think they mean?

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OK, it is proven that the dreams that you have when sleeping is your subconcious making a statement as to what events/feelings are happening in your life.

Recently I had a dream that Helen and I were in a car and Socrates and Tiger were in the back seat. And Helen was trying to get her Tiger (He is a swirl colored tabby, whereas mine is striped) to sit calmly w/ my cats. We were driving down an interstate and I saw the car in long shot (so many of my dreams are movies since I'm a filmmaker) and all you could hear was cats hissing and fighting. It was, actually, very amusing.

I interpreted it as meaning that I wanted Helen and Tiger to runaway with me and Socrates and my Tiger. But, there would be some turmoil if that ever really happened. OK, so the turmoil probably really would be the cats fighting, because my cats are like Visa: Never leave home w/o it. And I'm particularly attatched to her Tiger as well. Look at it this way, if they were both doing something bad, I only had to yell one name.
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This is a fascinating topic! Unfortunately, in my case I can't make heads or tails (Of cats?) out of my dreams. There are too many weird things happening in them.

For example: The last dream which I can still recall took place inside a strange building which seemed like an oversize submarine. A few friends of mine were there; and it seemed as if we all worked there too, although just what our jobs entailed is beyond me. And, for that intense Roman Polanski horror-film touch, the floor was full of venomous snakes. The snakes didn't bite anybody, but it was a strange scene nevertheless.

Now, there aren't any venomous snakes in proximity to where I live. They're a good hour away by car. But there is a submarine down at the waterfront; and I was on a submerged submarine myself back in 1959. Hmm.

<---- Drs. Freud and Jung

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I have very strange dreams, mostly bad ones. Most of my dreams consist of getting into a car accident or fighting with loved ones. However, I never have gotten into an accident or fought with my fiance. I also had a dream about hitting a little tortishell cat with my car and taking it home with me. The next day, that happened, and I ended up with Twitch, the queen of the house. I also have dreams where I am reliving my days, and nothing changes... its the same exact thing. I have no idea what they mean, give me your imput
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I am not sure what dreams are supposed to mean. I try and chalk it up to what I ate for dinner. If they are trying to tell me something, I am not quite sure why. I have had those dreams where I feel as if I am falling...what the heck is that???
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If I divulged my dreams, I'd be hauled off to the nearest funny farm and put into a rubber room. Of course, that's what my daughter says.

I have this one recurring dream about being on vacation and my old boyfriend is there with his wife. I keep trying to reconcile with him but he is always putting me off.

Haven't talked to him in over 12 years so I can't figure it out. I also have alot of drug dreams (pot hanging out of my pocket, smoking pot, etc.) Maybe it's wishful dreaming. Go figure.
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What a topic...
I could write forever on this topic and share with you all what
I have read, experienced and been taught on the matter. However, I think that my fingers would get tired and you all would feel sleepy :LOL: But, here is some of what I know, or better yet, believe!

When you have dreams that you are flying, or falling you usually awake with a jolt. It is said that your soul has left your body, at a time of peace (always when you are sleeping), the abrupt jolt feeling is your soul returning to your body. It is also said that a person can be taught to allow the soul to leave the body, this in many cases is unhealthy and should never be practiced.

In some cases the dreamer will never see their own face, in some beliefs if you do see your own face while dreaming your death is not too far away. I don't know if I believe that, but I have never seen my face in dreams.

A lot of dreams are garbage dreams. A way for your mind to cleanes itself from the day. But if you pay attention, keeping a "dream journal" is very important you might be able to figure some of these dreams out.

Donna- It is said that recurring dreams means that you still have a lesson to learn. It is strange that you have not seen this man for a long time, but perhaps you are supposed to meet up with him again.
Sandie-I have heard the food thing also. Some people say eating pizza right before they go to sleep gives them nightmares.
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I started to have very vivid dreams about 25 yrs ago when I took Elavil for a short time.....boy that gives you some weird ones that stay with you! I too think I would be hauled away if I let you in on them, so...............
I am goin to keep them under-cover!

Anyone else dream in color?
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I sure do

It is said that most dream in
black and white or cannot remember!
I am happy that I am not
one of them
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I should keep a journal. I dont think I have many dreams over and over again though. I have had a few scary ones that I think were duplicate.
I DO NOT like the idea of my soul taking a joy ride while I am asleep..that's for sure!!!
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Ok, I used to have a recurring dream as a kid. I can remember it as vividly as if it were yesterday.

I do not know what any of my current dreams mean, but my horoscope today said I should pay particular attention to my dreams these days.

As for the dying thing, my dad used to dream that he died many times, he told me, and he always woke up.

Finally, I knew a couple of guys in high school who practiced "soul travel". Pretty freaky stuff.
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My godfather is a child psychiatrist and back before I
was born him and my mother did a large study on dreams. My
family was very catholic, and my mother and him used
to practice soul travel. She learned how to do it and how to
bring her soul back into her body. One night as she was doing
this she says she felt another spirit or being in her dream.
She started to travel towards this force and got an overwhelming
sence of evil among her. I won't go into the whole dream, but it took her a while to get back awake. I have always been taught
to never force yourself to fly in dreams!! I tried once, well...
because I was a child being told not to do
something. I had somewhat of the same experience.

Anyway, don't mean to freak people out, this stuff completely
intrigues me!
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Swalker, I find all that stuff fascinating also!
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Hey don't scare me guys! As of the past year I havn't had a single dream where I CAN'T fly. I always fly in my dreams, and it's always tons of fun! If I need to get somewhere, I just fly. Of course in color, and I always remember my dreams. I've also died in my dreams without waking up a number of times, but it's no big deal, and not even that scary - and I see my face sometimes, sometimes I'm not even myself! What's the big deal?!? I hardly ever have nightmares, and if I do they're just stupid. Normally, I enjoy dreaming, and when I wake up I could swear I know what it's like to fly, to swim underwater without breathing, everything. I've had re-occuring dreams, they're OK, but it gets boring when you know what's going to happen! The coolest dreams I get are the ones that predict the future - I get them alot so I know what to expect when the event happens so I'm like "oh, this is just like my dream so blah blah happens." it's kind of cool. I've also had the same exact dream at the same exact time as other people - once my Mom and I had the same one on the same night. First I told Dad about mine, later, Mom told Dad about her dream, then he was like "Woa! You two had the same exact dream", Except I was myself, and Mom was herself. That was cool. Ok, I sure can blah blah blah about myself!! Sorry!
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I have done this by accident several times before reading a book on the subject and learning how to control it better. Of course, I haven't done this in years except by accident.
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I remember listening to some very fascinating stories this group used to tell about soul travel. One was quite scary, and involved having a lot of trouble getting back. I don't remember the details anymore. I do remember them saying that if you couldn't get back, then you would die. Kind of reminds me of the movie Flatliners.
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When I was on SSRI's (antidepressants like Zoloft and Paxil) I had the worst dreams. They were never NIGHTMARES, I've never had Nightmares, but they always left me feeling very anxious. I always had the same 2 themes:

1) I was back in high school and between classes had to get to my locker, only to realize I'd forgotten the combination. The scenery changes but the theme of the dream remained. I mean I could have been in hundreds of different high school, and situations in the dream varied, but there was always the locker scenario which was SO REAL and always made me wake up feeling very anxious. I haven't ben in high school since 1994.

2) My cat gets outside and he's always just one step out of my reach. It's the same as above, the scenery changes, but I can never get my cat back and I always wake up feeling horrible.

I haven't had these dreams often since I got off the pills, though.
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Oh my gosh Illusion. I have that same dream about the locker combo. I also graduated in 1994. Sometimes I also have dreams that I haven't been to English class in weeks and I can't remember where the room is. But I know I have to go or I won't graduate. Crazy school stuff!!

The dream about trying to reach your cat but it is always a little too far for you to reach. That is supposed to symbolise the present and something that is out of your reach. Next time you have the dream make yourself grab the cat. You can control your dreams. If you reach the cat in the dream who knows what you will accomplish when you're conscious.
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great thread, Chuck

though unfortunately i wont be telling any of my dreams here, or anywhere,
except maybe a physchiatrist

i love dreaming, i always dream, but, it is never in my hands to explain them out loud,
i just cant.
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Chuck, you'll appreciate this.

last night I dreamt I was in a boat with 3 other people & JAWS showed up!!! I just remember I was so scared that the boat might sink or be damaged. we got to shore but I couldn't shake the feeling that the danger wasn't over......

(insert twilight zone music here)
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