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Hello! I am new to this board and I am GLAD I found it!

My name is Anna and I am an animal lover :o)

I had a doberman when I was a little girl. Then in between I owned a billion different fish and a salamander. Now I am a proud sister of my precious Ricky!

I am not sure what breed my cat is. I hope someone tells me after they see his picture. Ricky is only three years old (if not younger) heh. He is a unique kitten as most cats are. His favorite pasttime is sleep. :o/ heh.

He doesnt like it when door are closed in the house at all. He likes to peep when I take showers (I think hes trying to rescue me! lol... all the water)

He chases birds on our balcony and unfortuantley sometimes hurts them (fataly) :o(

He walks on the very thin balcony borders. and he loves to peep to my next door neightbors house. Hes very picky and very fussy. Its a pain to get him out of the house, because after all he rules it. He manages to take up an entire bed and not leave any room for me! lol

I love my kitty to death and ill introduce him some more to u guys as I post along...

This is Ricky
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Ricky as a little baby
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Ricky a bit older
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Ricky is gorgeous! Welcome to TCS!!!!
Sam !!
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He is adorable! I love the kitten picture!
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Welcome to the board, Anna! Ricky is a cute little fella! Thanks for sharing his picture with us.
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Welcome to the site! Ricky is a beautiful kitty. Looks to me like he is a Domestic Shorthair (DSH) Tabby.
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Welcome Anna!

My home resembled a zoo when i growing up. We had many pets. We also had a doberman once. She was such a sweet one (except with the postman.) Teehee!

Glad you are here, Anna~!

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Welcome Anna! your lovely boy is sooooo sweet! Love! Pass him kisses and hugs
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