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Have to find home for kitty

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I'm at my whits end here. I rescued a cat last summer (actually saw it being thrown out of a car window). I have gotten her very healthy and she is pretty sweet BUT I have 3 cats already and she (Angel) does not get along with one of my other cats AT ALL!!!! She tears the house up when she is inside. She is very petite and I don't think she is maybe 1 year old. She is solid white with one green and one blue eye. I have got to find a home for her and fast before my husband takes her to the shelter!!!! Can anybody help me? I am in Montgomery, Alabama.

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Kathy, This poor cat has been through the mill, hasn't she? It's very sad, because you're the only home she's had-since she was thrown from the car. This is going to be another shock for her. I hope the vet or friends can help find a home where she will be the only cat. If your husband insists on a shelter without giving you time to find her a good forever home, here is a list of No-Kill shelters in Alabama:

to Z Rescue, Phoenix
AZ Animal & Wildlife League of the White Mountains, Show Low
Anelia Animal Sanctuary, Oneonta
PAWS (Pets Are Worth Saving), Huntsville
Rescue & Adoption, Huntsville
Save the Animals, Rainbow City
Saving Animals from Euthanasia
Scottish Terrier Rescue of North America, Decatur
The Ark, Inc., Toney
West Alabama Animal Rescue, Tuscaloosa

I do hope you find a good home for her soon. These shelters are usually filled quickly, so pass the word among your friends and the local vets. Good luck!
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Yes, it is a sad thing. But she does need a home where she can get alot of attention. She can be really sweet and loving when she wants to be and when none of my other cats are around her. I hate to get rid of her but I just can not give her what she needs. My life is so full right now with my real kids. Thanks for the advice.

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Have you found a home for her? I hope everything works out!
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No home for her now BUT, it looks like she is preggo, isn't that just great. So, I will keep her throught the pregnancy and hopefully find homes for the kitties and her afterwards.

Wish me luck!!!

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That's really unfortunate, Cathy! I know it's the last thing you wanted. Unfortunately, unless they are spayed, kttens can get pregnant very young-6-7 months. And, to make matters worse, they can get pregnant again while still nursing!

I'm so sorry this happened, and hope you can keep her isolated until you find homes for all of them. In the meantime, ask your vet how soon he will spay her. I know your heart is in the right place. I hope you can find a vet who will give you a good price. Perhaps the Humane Society will help with this whole matter.
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Are you kidding? She can get preggo again while nursing? Will I see the signs as if she was in heat again? I can't keep her inside due to my other cat that HAS to stay inside. I don't have a extra bedroom to put her in. I was going to fix her a spot in my laudry room which is right outside my back door and she is used to going in there for food and she sleeps in there among the towels I keep,hehe

BUT, once summer really gets here it gets hot in there and I only have a fan I don't know what I will do, I will keep thinking. I'm afraid if I leave her inside like in my room (but can't close the door due to litter box being in my bathroom) my other cat might bother her, I doubt it but you never know. I'm sure Angel will be very protective of her babies. The only other two rooms are my sons and daughters room and I can't keep her in there. I will do the best I can.

Any advise would be welcomed!!!!

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I would get a second litter box and find a spot in the house for her to have her litter. She won't show signs of heat while nursing.

I would place signs up at the vets office, feed stores, and the local pet shops to find her and the little ones a furever home.

She could also be getting a big belly due to worms so please have her ver checked. If she isn't preggers, get her spayed. Some counties have free spay and neuter, check with the SPCA or Animal Control. If her nipples on her belly are bright pink she is most likely preggers.

Good luck with the kittens and please be on hand when they come in case of complications. If she is very petite she may need a C section.
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Nipples are bright pink. I know she is preggers that's no doubt. It has been years and years but I have been through several several litters of kitties!!!

There is no place else in the house to put a litter box, my house is very small and jammed packed as it is (hope to be moving in 1-2 years). I will come up with something I'm sure. I know one of my cats I used to give her the "pill" instead of spaying her.....I wonder if they still have that available. My ASPCA here does not help with spaying, I have called already. The only way I can get it cheep would be to find somebody with Medicare and it will be only $10.00 but I don't know of anybody. I'm just doomed Don't get me wrong here, I love my animals to death and would do anything for them. Angel is a very sweet kitty but she needs so much more attention that what I can give her!!!!

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Cathy, To prevent any more problems, I will quote from Susan Little, DVM, who is active in the CFA and the Winn Feline Foundation:

It is entirely possible, however, for a queen to return to estrus while still nursing. Very often the first estrus after a pregnancy is shorter...
End quote.

It's essential to keep her isolated from males while she is nursing. I wish you the very best.
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Is there a senior home that may be able to take her in? Sometimes they allow pets for the seniors as it is a huge benifit to their health... Are there pet boards that you could post "foster home needed". Maybe you provide her food and they take care of the rest?

I wish you luck in this sticky problem. At least talk to your vet privatly and ask him if he knows of any clinics. Sometimes the welfare department can let you know of cheap spay/neuter in your area.

If I think of any other suggestions I will let you know! Oh Did you sign the online petition for free spay and neuter? It's in a thread here somewhere!
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AH, Teresa, key word.....somewhere!!!! No, I haven't seen the thread but if you come across it please send it to me. I would love to sign it.

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Here is the link Teresa gave us:

I think this link deserves a thread of its own!
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How can having Medicare make getting Angel spayed cheaper. I had never heard this and was just curious.
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Cathy here is a link for you:

Rescue Centers
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Cathy, check out . We have a bunch of nationwide low cost spay/neuter resources, where you can buy a certificate through them and take it to a participating vet in your area, or at least do a search of low cost programs in your area which aren't generally advertised as such. Even if your local SPCA or Humane Society won't help you defer the cost of spaying, there are organizations that will.
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Thanks for the info everybody. First I have to get past the babies she will be having and then get her fixed....some how, some way.

I checked all the sites ya'll gave me and can you believe there are none in my city or close enough? The closest one I saw was 1 hour 1/2 drive away and I just can't do that.

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Cathy- I would call them any way and ask if they have a pet line- some shelters do, they have volunteers that go out to homes to pick up the animal. They do ask for a donation, so on the phone, I would say something like you wish to donate to their shelter, but you have a problem and see what happens.

On one cat board I belonged to awhile ago, there was a kitten in Turkey that was in a lot of danger. The post went up and so many people volunteered and got the kitten from Turkey to the United States! It was truly amazing! So where there is a will, there is a way!
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You mean call the place that is 11/2 away and see what they have?

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