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Daily Thread Mon Feb 23

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Morning folks!

Its cooooold this morning I had the window open all night because we were hot last nigh..but this morning I was freezing!

Nothing much going on today..heading to the gym finally. We haven't been in weeks because of everything thats been going on. Busy busy!

I can't wait to gt my t4 to file taxes, I hope I get some back!!!

Anyhoo, have a great day folks!
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Good morning. Cool and waaaaay to early for me to be up this morning.. Not doing much today except picking Casey up from the Pet Hospital, and the Yard man is coming later in the morning.
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Good moring. Woke up to a foot of fresh snow and still coming down.We lost the power in the night but its back on now . Looks like all I'll be doing today is helping hubby shovel.
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You can tell its a Monday. Woke to more heavy snow and hubby is gone away for another week.

The good thing is that I have a massage appt at 8:45am..... so yee haww.

Have a great day folks.
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No snow for us today but Wednesday and perhaps a bigger storm on Friday. We have 72 inches so far this winter-will it never end? Cold temps today too-its about 1F currently.

Worked some on my accounting for my business today and will work some more tonite-have to finish the mileage part this week!

Have to fill the birdfeeders too as they are empty!

Working today then coming home to finish my dinner prep-I'm simmering some sauce now for stuffed shells (I picked up at local Italian market).

Bakker is sleeping in the room with me and the girls are elsewhere in the house.

Have a good day!
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Not sure what the weather is here.

I worked a double shift yesterday. Only got about 3 hours sleep before it too because I had worked until midnight the night before. I have such a headache today

I have Chynna in the carrier so that I can take her to get a T4 test. While they are doing that I'm darting next door to get a much needed chiropractor adjustment. From there I go home, do some laundry, have a nap and then go for a much needed massage so that my chiropractor can do a better adjustment tomorrow.

I've only been seriously back at work since the end of November and already I feel like I need a vacation! Speaking of vacation, I didn't think I would get any this year. But apparently I have 9 days left over from when I was off work sick. So if I do it right and somehow combine it with me monthly 6 days off, I can potentially end up with about 3 weeks or more off!
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Morning All!!!

Sunny but very windy and cold here. Looks like a good day just to stay in a putter.

I have a few chores to finish up today, put laundry away, and tidy up my bedroom.

Other then that just hanging with the kitties and reading.

The kitties are good, all settled in for their morning naps.

Have a great day
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Good afternoon to all! I am just kind of hanging out here at my boyfriends playing housewife today.
I've been staying with my boyfriend this weekend and its been awesome but today he had to go back to work so I'm just kind of hanging out at his apartment on the internet waiting for him to come home. And now I'm trying to figure out what all I can do to help him out.
I've cooked him pancakes for breakfast and I'm making him some muffins to have to take to work this week.
I'm making him his favorite meal for dinner tonight.
I've straightened up his house and will probably do some laundry and vacuum.

And I'm getting very very sad at the fact I have to drive back home tonight! Although I do miss my kitties! (I have a roommate so they arent a lone and I know she will snuggle them lots while I'm gone!)

Hopefully everyone is having a nice day! Its pretty sunny here but cold! But the rest of the week is supposedly going to warm up a lot!
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More snow. I am so tired of winter. My brother is in Mexico, he e-mails every day to tell me how warm he is.
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