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post spaying issues

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I took my new cat (a stray approx. 2 yrs old) in to be spayed on 4/18. Her outer suture healed fine, but the inner stitches were not properly absorbed into her tissue. Wednesday of this week the inner stitches were removed and she's newly stitched up on the outside. I'm also giving her an oral antibiotic (I can't recall the name... starts with a C). Wed. evening there was some bleeding from the incision so i took her to the ER. they said she was fine and cleaned her up. Still a little bit of very minor bleeding... My big concern is that she is pretty lethargic, even more so than Wednesday evening. I called my vet this morning and they told me to give it another day. She's eating (when i feed her from a spoon... she's got an e-cone on), but not drinking much water. Mostly i'm just looking for peace of mind. Has anyone else had a cat who's gone through a similar situation.
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Sorry you kitty is having complications, but I am sure she will be fine in time. I just took my cat in on wednesday to get spayed.
I was told to try and keep her quiet, in one room so she will rest, and not play with her for a week or so.

did you mention to the vet about her being more legarthic? although I imagine it is good for her to rest as much as she can.
Try not to let her jump or climb too much..

don't know if this helps but I have heard that some cats will have a reactions to the stiches material...

just curious, how did they determine that the internal ones did absorb well?
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oh, and I hope you kitty feels much better soon!!
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Originally posted by cookie

just curious, how did they determine that the internal ones did absorb well? [/b]
Thanks! When i took zoe in to have distemper booster (a bout two weeks after i'd had her spayed) the doctor noticed the inner stitch was working it's way out. There was actually a little purple thread coming out of my cat's belly! A few days later i noticed more coming out so he had to go back in and take the rest out.
I mentioned the lethargy to the vet but since i couldn't get her in today to be looked today he said to just keep an I on her. The poor kitty has had a very traumatic month of living with me! lots of trips to the vets, ear mites (she came with a bad case of them) spaying and now this! I feel so bad for her!
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Iknow what you mean! My kitty also had it rough, when i got her she had a really bad URI, and even the vet thought she may not make it! We also made many trips to the vets, and since she has been healthy ofr over a month, finally got her spayed!!

Poor kitties! but soon yours and mine, will start a much better happier life! You sound like a good kitty mom!
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She could be still stressed out from her spay- as it wasn't that long ago. Try heating her food up a little bit in the microwave to tempt her to eat (canned food) if she is not drinking water, the canned food has moisture in it to help her, you can always add water to the canned food as well to help her.

She is also probably stressed from the collar being on. But if she is still lethargic on Monday (depending on your interpetation of the word) I would take her back to the vet to be safe. She may have an allergy to the stitches which happens in a low percentage of cats, causing the body to reject the stitches and push them out.
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An update: zoe's doing much better now. she even broke a lamp while she was trying to look out the window. We go in on Saturday to get her stitches out and neither of us can wait!
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