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Veterinary Assistant

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I will be turning 19 next year in June. I am going to get my GED and becomes a Vet's Assistant. Does anyone know how long the course takes?
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I don't know how long it takes, but I did find this link about at home courses you can take. It might be something to look at.
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Thanks Michelle!
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I put up a post about this a while back...let me see if I can find it....I would also like to do this type of work myself....
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ohh well, I can't find it anywhere.....good Luck though!!
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Speaking as a former medical assistant, home courses are not the way to go. A tech school will put you into an internship, that will give you hands-on, practical experience. The courses last approximately 9 months and the last 6-8 weeks are spent, working in a vet's office. For many procedures, you need to learn hands-on: injections, drawing blood, running lab tests. You can't learn these from a book.
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I found a great place to get my Veterinary Assistant Diploma! It's called Stenberg College, and it's right here in Surrey! Here's some info about it!

Admission Requirements:

Grade 12 graduation, or 19 years of age or older with successful completion of the following: Successful completion of a Reading Comprehension Test , Vocabulary and basic Math Tests

Genuine love and appreciation of animals

Acceptable medical examination completed by a physician to show suitable physical condition (required for patient lifting and restraint)

Acceptable Criminal Record check

Program Duration:

Monday to Friday, 26 weeks
9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Practicum: 100 hours

This unique new animal care program prepares the students for a rewarding career as a Veterinary Assistant in Veterinary hospitals, Clinics, Emergency hospitals, Pet Stores, Purebred Breeding Kennels, Shelters and Boarding Kennels.

Program Outline


*Clerical Skills

*Veterinary Office Management

*Sales Skills

*Medical Terminology

*Anatomy and Physiology

*Small/Large Animal Practice

*Preventative Medicine

*Common Medical Conditions

*Surgical Procedures/Equipment

*Pre and Post Surgical Patient Care

*Active Lab Training

*Parasitic Diseases

*Animal Restraint

*Prescription Diets/Nutrition

*Client Education/Euthanasia

*General Pet Care

*Resume Preparation



I can't wait until next year! I love helping animals, so this is the purrfect job for me!
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That sounds great! I wish you the best of luck Hon!
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Thanks Michelle!
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Wish you the best! Really you made great choice! To help animals - sounds great.
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That sounds awesome . . . I wish you the best of luck with it!
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Sounds good and that 100 hrs. of practical experience is good.
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Good luck with your GED and choosing a course. Vet Assistant sounds great!
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