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and alot of $$$$$ later

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remember how angry I was when Lic got sick, well that turned to worry which brought 7 kittys to the vet. And lots of $$$$$$$$$ later we have 2 different med's and an eyecream.

Imagne that, all that medicine and the woman at the clinic said to me that my cat "didn't get sick there and haven't u ever gone to the doctor and come home with something else?" She tried to tell me that Lic was "sickly before" but then went into this story about "how can you know what other people are at the doctors for you always take a chance, and for her grand finalile the woman told me that Lic probably sniffed something in the air from a window then spread it to the others."

I think I'll be seeing her in court. It's not the money it's the principle, no matter what I was taking them all to the doctors but for her to mock me, and try to make a fool of me, I don't tread on that lightly!!!!!!!!!
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Her response was uncalled for. Had she treated you with compassion, you probably could have forgiven all. At accept the possibility that Lic could have gotten sick from being at the clinic.
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Action needs to be taken against these people to make sure that it doesn't happen again.
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The is an arrogant and uncalled for response. Is there a Clinic Manager or practice owner you could refer this complaint to? I would have taken serious exception to being talked to like that, just like you rightly have.
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I agree with Yola, speak to a manager or supervisor. This attitude is uncalled for. I know people get defencive about their practice or place of work... Compassion goes so much farther than cruelty.
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Thank you.

She could have saved herself and clinic the trouble. I tried for 3 days (after the kittys went to dr's) to get a hold of Lillian, the manager, she dodged phone calls....ie hung up on me, wouldn't answer my call due to her caller id...when I called from cell they would answer, and has been altogether a dumb.....lady!

I'm not going to let her get to me, my babys are safe and getting better......SLOWLY!!!!! But nevertheless getting better. Maple this morning sneezed in my face an then gave me a bath, it was too cute.
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That's just not right! One thing that would be fairly cheap is to write a letter to put in a newspaper, warning people about this clinic. You'll save other pet owners some trouble by letting them know that this place is so bad, and it is much safer and easier than sueing them. Just a thought.
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