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I just want to thank every one here!

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I have never been a very social person, as a matter of fact, you could count my friends on one hand. But,I feel closer to the people here than my own family. I know I can count on the people here to help me solve problems or just to listen and be there for me. You guys mean the world to me and I hope this site will be here forever! I love you guys! I would truley be lost without you all!
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Thats so thoughtful and so true. Even if I'm feeling down when I get here by the time I sign out I always have a smile and feel better!!!
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That is exactly how I feel! I have very few close friends and there are somethings that I don't want to share with them...so I share with all of you. I feel very close to people on here, sometimes closer than my close friends. You all listen and encourage people when someone is down on their luck or just having a bad day. You all celebrate the good things that happen in our lives and to me that means a lot.

This really is a great place with great people! Love you all!
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Teresa, im not a very social person either. I allways envy the "people persons". I count you amoung my best cat site friends! and ther is nothing wrong with that! Your bud, tamara
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Moving this to feedback!!!

And thanks for the nice words about TCS and all of its wonderful members!!!!!!!!!! Its a great place, ain't it??
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I would say the same thing. Yall help me out alot. Specially Dragonlady, always replying to my weird/unusual threads! hehe Thanks everyone(also)
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Teresa, I know how you feel! I treasure TCS for the great people I've come to know on here. This is a wonderful and special place, and you guys are great!
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