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new kittens

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We just received a surprise of 4 new kittens from our seven month old kitten. We were taking her into to get fixed when the vet told us she was expecting!!!!! The question is what to do with our other cat, male. He is from the same litter as mama (these are not going to be smart kitties!) How long should we keep him in another part of the house? How early can we neuter cats? and does anyone need a cute kitten?! Thanks. Any and all practical advise is welcome!
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No, cats are not exactly like people. They wont be mentally challenged. Cats can be altered by the age of 4 months, so I would suggest you take him to be altered while she is still pregnant. Then just make sure the kittens get their proper vaccines while you have them. They shouldnt go to a home until about 12 weeks old. Good luck!!
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