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Good deal

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We have a finance guy, from Chrysler, lecturing us, this week. He's teaching us about credit and auto financing, so that we can answer customers' questions more thoroughly.

In addition, he's taught us how to get the best deals, interest rates and lowest monthly payments, on new cars. It seems that one of the perks, of my job, is that I can buy new Chrysler or Mercedes products, at an employee discount. This comes to about $2000 below DEALER COST. With the discount, a good trade-in and rebates, one of my co-workers was able to buy a $35,000 van, for $16,000. That's quite a savings.

I won't be able to get another car, for a couple of years and I'm not sure that I want a new one but, its nice to know that I can get such a good deal.

I've always had good luck with Chryslers. Years ago, I had a '72 Duster, that couldn't be killed.
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Sounds like a great deal! Wow!
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Wow... that's less than half-priced. (Yup, I CAN do math... at least simple math. ) If I were you, in a few years when you're ready, I'd definitely be going with a Chrysler.
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