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For all of those who prayed for those two orphaned kittens

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My How they have GROWN! Taz and Squirrel- and that is the table they are allowed to get on.

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Pretty Kitties! Wow
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Refresh my memory, did you raise these two? They look happy and healthy!
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Sort of- they had a mom, but she vanished when they were really little and didn't reappear until they were all grown up. So we raised them the last half of their kittenhood. She is back now and living in our barn. She wants nothing to do with these two monsters!
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Beautiful cats!
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Wow! Such pretty cats!
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Some of you may remember the kitten names we helped Mary Anne with until she got to know their purrsonalities. The grey one was MacBeth (or MacBethie) and the black and white was MacGilli-Kitty. (Names to go with Mom, MacKenzie.)

I don't know if you think of them this way Mary Anne, but I think of these two as a gift to you from sweet Shredder. Shredder had disappeared for a few days and Mary Anne was very worried about him. When he came back, he brought a very pregnant black and white kitty, MacKenzie. MacKenzie had distemper when she had the kittens, and without Mary Anne being there, they certainly wouldn't have survived (one of the three kittens didn't make it ). I don't know if you were a gift to them, or if they were a gift to you but I know Shredder brought them to the best place in the world for them. He knew that too.

Oh, now I've gotten myself all teary! I really love these two from afar Mary Anne. Their story went right to my heart the first I heard of that bedragled pregnant girl that Shredder brought home. They are very special little cats.
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I didn't mean for this thread to make anyone cry. I firmly believe that cats communicate and network among each other. I have seen to many bizarre things, like when that one cat came out of the storm carrying a kitten and dumped it in Mike's lap then went back to get 4 more- and we had never seen her before. A few days after she brought us the final kitten she died. I think she had heard this is a good place and she had to come, the same way Shredder knew that McKenzie was sick and needed care so he brought her home.

Here is Taz all stretched out- just for you-to make you smile now!
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What a touching story!

BTW, the cats are beautiful! You're such a good Kitty-mommy Hissy!
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Seeing Squirrel and Taz always make me smile! They have grown into beautiful cats.

Their story is just so touching to me, and really shows what a wonderful, caring and compassionate kitty Shredder was. Guess I just want to make sure it keeps getting told and others hear it too.
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Wow! They look like two very happy, healthy little kitties. Another couple kitties who found the right place to end up. (And I LOVE that picture of Taz! )
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awww..they are soo cute and growing big!!
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