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Kitten Question

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I have a kitten that is approx 7-9 months old and I am a little unsure about his/her gender. My gf and I were told the kitten was a female by the breeder and happily took her(him?) home with us. For the last month we have been a little confused - it looks as if Lola has testicles.

I have attempted to research cat genitalia on the web, to no avail. One of you cat-lovers must have an answer for us???!??!?

Is our precious Lola a female trapped in a male's body?

Thanks in advance.

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Moving this to our breeders forum ,where the know how is for sexing a kitten!!!!!!!!!!!!
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A trip to the vet will solve that mystery. It time to spay/nuter any way.
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Have you visited the vet? What did he/she say?
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