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Cuban Joke

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I hope this joke doesn't offend anyone. This joke really hits home as I live in Southern Florida...Here is a link from the local news today.


What is the Cuban National Anthem??? (scroll down for the answer)

Row, Row, Row Your Boat....
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Either that or marry a German tourist! That seems to be quite the thing nowadays. Actually, I can't blame them for trying. Spain and Italy have the same trouble, with illegal immigrants from Northern Africa and Eastern Europe or the Middle East, respectively. I know Western industrialized countries can't take everyone in, as they have their own difficulties with unemployment, poverty, overpopulation, etc., but I do feel a lot of the illegal immigrants are really desperate. An accident of birth can affect your entire future.
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Since this is a political joke I am going to move it to the lounge where it might generate more responses.
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Ginger, I LOVE your pic of the 'frizzy' cat! Cute!
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