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Loose Stool

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For about a week my little kitty has had loose stool its not completly runny buts its not his normal clumps. Also its discolored its looks tan.

What could this be? maybe the food i have him on(nutro kitten dry & wet)? or does he has some sort or virus like Giardia? he has had giardia before and has been treated twice for it.


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Have you changed his food lately? When I gave my kitten a different brand of food his got a little bit loose too, but it cleared up. I would talk to the vet if it continues, they may want you to bring in a sample to see if it is giardia or something like that again. Thats a beautiful kitten too by the way!
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I would take a stool sample into the vet and have them check it just to be safe. Beautiful baby! I am so envious! WHAT a cutie pie!
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So cute! He kinda looks like my kitten!
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Jerry, I don't have anything helpful to tell you, but your baby is ADORABLE!
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What a beautiful cat! I have a new kitten-we haven't even had him for a week. He has a little bit of loose stool too. I just had a stool specimen checked today-it was negative. Could be diet change or even different water. (in my case) If your kitty had giardia twice, you might want to get a stool specimen checked. I used to work for a vet, it seems to me that sometimes giardia is hard to get rid of.
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His food has been the same for about 3 months so i doubt that would be the problem.
So maybe he still has a small case of giarda again . I have some Metronidazole left from the vet. Should i give him some and see if that clears it up or should i take him in?

And thank you all for wonderful comments on "Tekken". He's a little star!
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If it was my kitten, I would take him back to the vet, or at least call them and tell them he has it again, they will probably want to check another stool sample of him and then go from there.
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I'd take him to the vet if it continues. Or, at least call and explain the symptoms, and let them know you have some leftover meds and ask if that would be appropriate.

What kind of cat is he, his picture is stunning!
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he may have ingested something that is upsetting his tummy - you know how curious cats are.He may have eaten an insect that sneaked into the house or taken a nibble from a house plant.

If the diarrhea continues, you can safely give him Kaopectate - don't substitute any other human digestive medication - IF you know his weight. A normal dose for a 10 pound cat is 1 teaspoon every 4 hours. If he weighs less than that, you will need to adjust the dosage accordingly....I got this advice from my kitties vet by the way because Fluff had the runs for a few days too like your little guy..Hope he feels better soon!

Keep us posted on how he's doing and good luck!
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My female girl had the same problem with her stool, so I put her on science diet light with lots of fiber in it. I try that to see if it works and it did, so I am feeding her with lots of fiber in the kibbles. Try puting the kitty on more fiber kibbles like the science diet, try that to see if it works. And if it does, then keep feeding science diet but if that doesn't work. I would take your cat to the vet and a stool sample so it might have worms.
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