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I love winter, but....

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I am sooooo excited about spring! I really dislike summer here, but I just can't wait to plant my vegetable garden! I just love watching stuff grow and produce yummy veggies! I got permission from the hubby to expand my miniscule garden space to plant more veggies. It seems so much more important to produce some of my own food now that there is a possibility that I might lose my job.

Who else is excited?
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I love spring too but it's too short and then a long, hot, humid summer is right around the corner. I get overheated so easily. I don't like ice and snow that much so I have mixed feelings. I do miss my garden though...
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I am sick of Winter as well. Here in California we get rain instead of snow, but still, I am sick of it. Forget even Spring, I can't wait for Summer.
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granted it is still summer here, and one of my plants died because of the high heat. Hubby and I were talking about our little veggie patch we will have once we get our own place!

I've already got my list, now i need to study the moons to get it all right!
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A local TV station showed a view of farm lands and woods from their tower cam and it was so brown and drab. I can't wait for the trees to leaf out.
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I'll be excited for spring..if it ever gets here! I really want to do a nice little veggie garden this year and can/freeze as much as possible! I put in garlic last fall and 200+ flower bulbs out front (tulips and crocus and hyacinth) so I cant wait to see if they come up!!!
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