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Epilepsy and the wireless world

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I have not found much on this but wish to share it with other cat folks...

My 8 year old Tortie, who has never had seizures, has had two in the last couple of months. The other day she was sitting in my lap while I worked on my wireless computer with wireless mouse. I noticed her twitching each time I pressed the mouse button. My first thought was the noise the mouse button made with each press. I placed the mouse behind me, shielding her from the mouse transmitter and no twitching occurred each time I clicked. The noise was still heard but shielding her stopped the twitching.

After searching the web, I found another similar experience. I am not sure how epilepsy works other than it is electrical malfunction of the nervous system. I am wondering what sort of effect the wireless acivities around us (cell phones, wireless networks, etc) are having on us and our cats. I've heard of cell phones causing tumors in the human brain. The wireless technology is so new that there is no way we know of the side effects.

To research my findings more, I am disabling my wireless network and returning to using wired only. If the seizures disappear, my theory will have more validity. I'll follow up on my findings.

In the meantime, I hope this will perhaps help others that are perplexed by sudden onset of seizures in their cats. And, of course, I'd love to hear any feedback.

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Have you talked to your vet about this?

It could be merely coincidence. If (a big IF, as I'm skeptical because I understand the technology used a bit more than the average person) not, you'll probably want to investigate your microwave (which can interfere with wireless Internet connectivity, therefore one can assume that it could have similar affects) or any cordless phones (the land-line version, especially in the 2.4GHz range).
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I have heard that epilepsy in cats is relatively rare as opposed to dogs. I was the guardian of two dogs who suffered from epilepsy - my border collie who started having seizures at age 17 (probably a brain tumor; she died during a status seizure only 2 months after starting them) and my chi-pom rescue who was a puppy-mill survivor, but had obviously been abused (she was missing her right eye and had major issues with men, but she had a sweet soul, poor girl).

My toy rescue also had other medical issues – knee problems, heart problems. So she was a handful and we never ascertained why the seizures began. Her foster mom had never noticed any. So sometimes they are a mystery with no answer. It is hard to watch them suffer, but they can be controlled with time and tweaking of meds. It can be a tough road though. I was never able to find out what triggered my toy rescue’s seizures. I suspect that long-time abuse did a good deal of damage that took some time to roost. Her heart issues eventually took her from me. With everything else she suffered it did not seem fair.

Good luck with your cat. If it continues, please check with your vet. I know that once an animal suffers 2 seizures, they usually want to begin some type of treatment. A type of situation called “kindling†develops, which may make the seizures harder to control.
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I can't speak to the wireless issue, although I have a feeling it's a coincidence. I do however have a cat who suffered from seizures. After 2-3 you NEED to get the cat to a Vet asap. It may seem like nothing in the beginning but each seizure is compounded and does more damage than the last. My Dexter is only 5 years old and he has had a few mild "episodes". He wasn't shaking or drooling or anything but the vet said they come in all forms.

I didn't take any chances and I have him on phenobarbital and he hasn't had 1 issue since. His phenol levels were really low and now he is doing MUCH better

Good luck
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