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Stereotypes - do you have one?

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The thread that MoochNNoodles started about stereotypes kind of got me thinking.

What do you have or do that might stereotype you a certain way?

I have a macbook pro
I drive a subaru
I wear handmade (by me) hemp necklaces

I am guessing that the casual observer might think that I am a Liberal and that I belong in Seattle or San Francisco. I really don't act like someone from Ohio, that is for sure
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well just going out around town im usually in a nice pair of jeans and a nice sweater or nice fitting top. i carry around a dooney and bourke purse, wear a movado watch and have designer sunglasses (all of wich were gifts!)

i usually wear my hair pulled back tightly with some very lite makeup and mascara, and then i have the lip ring.

im thinking that someone who doesnt know me would look and say look at that rich stuck up bitch trying to be cool with a lip ring! lol

wich is quite the contrary, im actually poor and have lotsa nice people around me who buy me nice things, and ive always liked dressing nice. I would describe myself as being really easy going person who loves meeting new people, im very outgoing and love to have fun. ive been told by people before that they thought i was a bitch until they started talking to me and seen how i really was.
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I use linux.

I read a lot.

I listen to metal and sometimes dress the part - including the fun, but sometimes offensive, metal band shirts.

I don't fit the stereotype for metalheads that most have - I'm polite, have manners, no piercings whatsoever, don't drink/smoke/party, and I do not cuss (unless badly hurt and only in my home where no one will hear me).
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I'm sure I have been seen as weird all the time.
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lots to stereotype about me.

- I wear secondhand clothes for the most part
- my shirts show clevage (i have a gorgeous tattoo on my chest that can be glimpsed at with revealing shirts)
- i have a tongue ring
- i smoke
-i swear
- i take my snakes outside
- i have ALOT of tattoos and wear clothes that show them.
- don't wear makeup much, hair is in a hat or ponytail.
- me and hubby regularly insult each other (all in fun, but if u don't know could be taken the wrong way)

now to contrast the above

- my husband is preppy, does not smoke, no tattoos and is not seen with snakes outside.
- i live in a mid to upper "class" neighbourhood
- i drive a new truck (2007 dodge ram)
- we take care of our property, do the landscaping myself, renovations ourselves and with family help.

Yup, there's lots to stereotype me with....
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Well lets see...
I work in a fast food restaurant, I have no body piercings, only 4 in one ear and 2 in the other. I have no tattoos. I swear, I hardly drink, I live in an upscale neighborhood, my husband and his father own a store together.

Yea, I've been sterotyped the rich store owners wife....
Dh has been dubbed a rich store owner...
Boy if that were only the truth.....
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I have a lot of cats so people might think I was a crazy cat lady or something....oh wait
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I too wear sometimes designer stuff, well i have one pair of Seven for all mankind jeans lol and i got them on sale for $80. I wear my UGGS and Coach shoes which I have all bought my own, even tho i make like nothing from my min. wage job. People probably think i am some rich, white/blonde girl who's parents buy everything for yah right!! I pay everything for joe (my horse) but when people find out I ride they again assume i am probably rich or stuck up.

On the reverse side I work at a bowling alley doing b-day parties lol and often times i get judged as being a loser and that I probably only graduated high school (NOT true! I am at a university right now lol). People look down upon me, but right now i could care less cause i have a job!!!

I like to dress nice (clothes i think are cute) but I also ride horses and am not afraid to walk into the store in breeches and tall boots with mud/horse poo/ on my shoes and straw in my hair!! And I love to drive my 1995 Chevy Cheyanne V8 truck (LOVE HER!!) which someone wearing designer stuff looks odd i guess

And all my friends say I will be the old cat lady when I grow up, they laugh until I dont deny it and then they just stare at me lol. I hope someday I will be the cat lady!!

I am sure i am stereoyped all the time because i like so many different things, i like to dress nice but i am not affraid to get down and dirty lol And I am not ashamed to work at a bowling alley
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hmm... don't know if i have one, unless it's this - i have more than one Bible [different translations].
other than that - i'm single & have 5 cats!
i read a lot - have more books than i have shelving for
stay in more than go out, unless i'm in/working a show
do community musical theatre
teach special ed
have a macbook
i drink tea, not coffee
i have a tattoo [easily hidden], but only piercings are ears
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