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Jack's 2nd show

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Well he was better with show routine this time around - more open and friendly, playing on the table. He was up against the silver boy from last week and this time the silver took most of the BOB and Jack 2nd BOB - and neither kitten got a final.

But she was pleased with him being more outgoing in the rings. He'll be neutered this week, and we will wait on warmer temps for shipping in a few weeks.

I'm hoping he's in our house by 2nd week of March! Think warmer temps for us
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I hope the weather will be warm enough so you can have him shipped.
Waiting is the hardest part when it gets close.
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Yeah I now how YOU were.....
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I hope Jack gets better in shows.
Its been a year already since I looked for a sphynx.
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Me too - put the order in last February and hubby said that I could get another Ocicat for my Valentine's present

Just got the contract - so he's official now as ours.
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I will be getting another cat this year only it will be show quality.
I am going to hate waiting agian.
When are you going to show Jack?
I just was told by sphynx breeders that Cfa will not accept Cleos pedigree copies and reg.
The want the real ones.
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I would contact CFA office - not rely on breeders - makes no sense to not accept a copy of the registration papers/pedigree. I posted what the CFA website says about registration.

Anyway - Jack will be going to his first ACFA show in April (kitten). He gets 2 kitten shows this season (2 April shows) and in May (next season) will have 2 kitten shows too - so he will qualify this year and next year for Regional awards in ACFA if he does well.

We'll probably have him about 2 or 2 1/2 weeks before going to shows. Charlie will be shown in Alter class at Jack's first April show so he can qualify for Alter awards in the Region.

Jack will be neutered this week.
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We are going to call Cfa tomorrow.
Should I write the entry clerk for the cfa show?
I wonder if I can still get Cleo in?
How far do you have to go to show Jack?
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You'll have to check the flyer for info on when the show closes. You can put her in and just put "pending" on the CFA reg. number - if its all straightened out by show time, then you can put in a correction at the show for them to add at central office.

Our closest shows are a 2 hr drive - everything else is 3-6 hrs in driving time depending on if we are in Wisconsin, Iowa, ND, or MN.
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Most shows here are at least 2 hours from me.
This show is 1.5 hours from here.
I do not think I can go anywhere real far.
My crf cats needs her bp meds every night.
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We go home on a 2 hr drive - anything over that, we will stay overnight
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I will go home.
I am thinking of showing in Reno.
I would have to stay in a hotel for that show.
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Congratulations, hope he can fly when you want.
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That's a good start - how many Oci's kittens were at this show? Just the silver guy?

Any more pics?
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Just the two - cinnamon vs And no more pics (at least the breeder didn't mentioned them).
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Go Jack go!
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