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Riley, Xander and my RB girl Alley

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Here are some pictures I took today of Riley and Xander, trying to play with the close-up on the camera. As you can see, Riley hates to look directly at the camera!

Get that thing away from me...

I'm trying to take a nap.

I'm busy looking at the birds outside. (please excuse the fur covered cat tree, lol, its a never-ending job!)

What big eyes you have!

I'm too sexy for your camera

I just love those puffy cheeks

Its a hard life, lounging around watching birds all day

Next are a couple of pictures of my RB girl Alley My mom recently found these in an old desk drawer and sent them to me. Most of them were too dark and blurry to even scan, but here are a couple. These were taken in January 2001. I miss my girl

Thank you for looking.
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Aw, they are all so beautiful. Your RB girl, Alley, is gorgeous! And, of course, Riley and Xander are as handsome as can be.
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Your boys are so handsome!

I know what you mean about the battle of the cat hair now Short ginger hair kinda blends in but long black and fluffy tortie gets everywhere

Alley was a very pretty girl. It must have been weird to see those pics again
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There's those sweet, fluffy, handsome boys!

Alley was absolutely beautiful, Paula. She'll always be with you.
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Paula, it's so nice to see different pics of Alley She's so beautiful

The boys are as handsome as ever, Riley takes a great profile shot and his eyes are beautiful, and Xander is all boy, he's so masculine looking
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How wonderful to discover new pictures of beautiful Alley.

Riley and Xander were definitely ready for their close-ups.
They are two of the most handsome boys on the planet.
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Thanks everyone

I only have about a dozen pictures of my Alley, so it was wonderful to have these new ones even if most of them are dark and you can barely see her in them. It was a nice little surprise
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I love all the pictures. Alley was such a sweet looking girl.
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They are all 3 such pretty kitties great pics
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