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Happy gotcha day, Tiger! 2/22/09 lots of pics!

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I can't believe it's been 4 years already (tomorrow!) :shock:

We got Tiger, for a buddy for our other cat,
Miagi because
Buster was getting too big for him to play with! We saw
his ad in the "free" ads with another female cat. We
called and they told us the story that he was left
on a highway with the female cat and they
said they were maybe thrown out of a

They also told us Tiger
has a kink in his tail and he was about 3-4 years old.
So we went up to their house and he brought out
Tiger first and I chose him. They didn't even
bring out the other cat, I just fell in love
right then and there!

A week after we got Tiger, he snuck out of the
house and I was so attached already to him,
I didn't want to lose him. He "chose" me out
of me and my parents to do everything with.
I printed up flyers, called the shelter, did everything
and we still couldn't find him!

I was a mess, couldn't sleep
or do anything. I searched for him for 2 whole days and
we live by a school and these 2 girls saw his flyer right
by our house and asked if he was my cat and I said yes
that's him.

Apparently he may have had kids in his life or
something because they said he was just over at the
school rubbing up against them. He's never
went missing since!

Tiger is my shadow and my heart kitty. When we
got him he had no idea what toys were or what to
do with them. I don't know what the heck is WRONG
with people abandoning him and another cat to fend for
themselves. :evil: I am glad that they did, because
he's living the good life with me and my family now!
I hope the other kitty was just as lucky.

A former PFer sent my furkids a package
and he got this huge jar of cat nip that he went
crazy for! (still does!) he loves cat nip toys,
playing with Miagi until the cows come home,
snuggling with me, he just loves life basically
and I don't know what I would do without him
by my side every 2 seconds! He's for sure
my velcro kitty! I still can't believe
it's been 4 years, all of them wonderful!
I hope we have many more returns
of this glorious "gotcha" day of his!

I also found out he isn't super fond of dogs, he only
likes Ginger! I got him a multi-colored collar for his
"gotcha" day and some cat nip flavored pounce
treats which he loves. I gave him them a few days
early, he doesn't care for the soft ones, they have
to be crunchy! silly kid! When I put the new collar
on him, I'll be sure to get pics! and don't
worry he'll be extra spoiled tomorrow! :P
heck he's spoiled all the days of his life.

Now what is a "gotcha" day thread without pictures?

pics in the next post..
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his first day home. so no thrilled.

then these have been in the past few years of him.
You can see how big of a transformation he has had!

my favorite of him on the heater even though its

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this was Tiger & Miagi's first picture together
on new years day
in 2007 (I think)

In this picture, I just woke him up. :oops:

under a chair being silly!

are you going somewhere?

I just think his markings are unique.

heater hog

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He just loves the warmth!

pretty boy..

he can't get enough of boxes!

He was cat of the day on another site
I belong to in 2007.

this was in natural lighting but it's dark
but shows
how pretty his eyes really are.

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with me in 2007, I think. I love these pictures
of me and my boy!

my mom tried to take a picture just of me but
guess who joined in? he was rubbing himself
on me and my mom got his tail in the picture.

Yeah um.. he's my crazy boy!

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On my parents bed.. you want to watch tv?
with me?

you really do, don't you? go ahead.

you know what they say there's no snooze
button on a cat that wants breakfast or wants
to stare holes through you.

Mother's day 2008 I think with the beautiful
flowers my brother
got her.

Christmas 2007 - he is so patient with me I swear.

or not

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Valentines day last year.

You're boring me mom.

see he loves Ginger our corgi/? mix.

silly boy, winking at me!

and most recent pictures of my sweet Tiger boy.

last Halloween so not amused.

A few days after Christmas with my empty lindt truffle
bag I got for Christmas with truffles in it.

with his fat cat 'dem dumb doggies' cat nip toy.

Happy gotcha day, Tiger! I love you!!!
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What a big change! Happy birthday, Tiger, you handsome guy, you. May you get all the nip you want.
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That was so sweet to see all the pictures of him He really is a handsome boy, no wonder you love him so much

Happy Gotcha Day Tiger
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Thanks so much everyone! I'll try to get some pics of him in his collar soon when he isn't sleeping LOL - and Miagi pictures too probably in another thread.
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