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Last Chance

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My cat Reese is almost 5 years old. She is a black calico and I rescued her from the local shelter. She basically picked me versus the other way around. She would sit on my lap, cuddle up to me where ever I would sit or lay down and if I am not available she will do the same with my husband and daughter. About 1 to almost 2 years ago now she started having these episodes where she would get so mad that she would scream at any of us and if we try to approach she gets so mad she will defecate or urinate. If she lets you close she will growl, hiss and or scream. Most time's she won't bite, but will bat her paws. This would happen every couple of months and now she has stayed this way. I have taken her to the vet, but nothing was physically wrong with her except she was a bit dehydrated. At night she will settle down and even sleep with me, but as soon as morning comes she goes back to her fits. I love my cat so much, but she is getting very difficult to live with. I have tried natural anxiety drops, but they don't even make a difference. We thought maybe it was her food making her have an upset stomach and tried a different option, but that doesn't seem to make much of a difference. My husband is ready to give up and wants to put her to sleep and I can hardly blame him, it's getting ridiculous. I think I will try and get her to the vet this week again and see if they can find anything wrong. If not I may have to send her to cat heaven, which is devastating! Could she have a mental illness? Any suggestions are welcome!
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In my opinion, that sounds like fear NOT being mad. What tests did the vet do? Any time there is a behavior change, it can be a sign of a health problem.

Maybe you could go to an internal medicine vet or one that specializes in felines for a thorough check up. Is there a veterinary university near you, they are a good alternative for vet care. I would go to a different vet from the one that said she is "ok" to get a second opinion.

Please get her evaluated and tests run before making such a decision. I wish you the best.
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We live in a very rural area so our choices are limited. I will see about using a different vet. The closest university is 3 hours from here so I am not sure that is an option. I hate that she feels so bad! She is my baby and I love her too much to give up so quickly! Thanks for the advice.
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I don't understand why giving her a lethal injection is the only solution to her unwanted behavior. Cats don't change their behavior for no reason. She could be sick with something your vet missed. You didn't say what sort of tests your vet did.

Is there any problem behavior if you don't approach her?
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Hey, there. I am new to the forum and just saw your post. It can be so hard to not know what is going on with our little ones. Have you tried using the "Feliway" diffuser with Reese? It can help regulate mood with kitties by pumping relaxing pheromones into the area.

I agree that she should see another vet, too.

Take care.
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Depending on what you you go to - mine has given me "drugs" for my neurotic/aggressive kitty. Ask about Buspar perhaps - it has helped when my Ophelia had "odd" fears & was reactant to "odd" things.

I'm wondering if something did not happen that set her off - and it has kept her "unhinged" or freaked out by silly things. I swear by Buspar in some cases....as my Ophelia would be dead had I not found her "miracle drug".
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