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Does your cat have a favorite position?

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If you could only see the outline of one of your cats, would you know which one it was just by the position he/she was lying in?

Two of ours are that way. Sterling always sleeps with one front paw tucked under his chin and the other extended straight out. Ella always sleeps with her hind legs crossed, the top one behind and under the other one.

How about yours?
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well....Sabastians favorite has to be in a complete circle, its cute sometimes you can barely see his head.

Nipper just kinda sprawls out.

Princess always lays in these crazy cute "oh im so tired i had such a hard day" positions.
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well, i could probably pick out Chip - he's a sprawler. but all of the girls tend to sleep curled up like balls - so kinda hard to tell the difference! of course, size would tell something - Firefox is the smallest, Pixel's the largest [of the girls] but the other 2 are pretty close.
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All of mine love to curl up...although my Latifah loves to sprawl out on the cat tree with legs and tail hanging off the side. It's so cute!
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Lucky curls into a ball and hides her head, Gus sprawls out.
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Nora sleeps in two positions. One stretched straight out with her legs out behind her. The other one is curled in a ball, with her upper leg stretched out towards her head and her chin resting on her foot.
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Utu sleeps almost always his belly up and paws sticking out in a funny position.. I just wanna hide my face in that fluffy tummy!
Kuura has two favourite positions, the basic curled up-thing, and another one is him hiding all of his paws under his body and looking like a ship or a spaceship or something..
Casper usually lies on his side. He is the newcomer so he might have some more "comfy" positions he hasn't showed yet.
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Girlie likes to lay on her back with her back legs stretched out. Her front legs are extended over her head and the top part of her body is twisted so she's on her side. Sometimes she'll take this a step further and turn her head so it's upside down...? It's a really strange sight.

Obie sometimes lays on his stomach in a flying Superman pose

Oscar just curls up into a ball. If he's on the couch he'll latch one paw on the side of the couch arm with his claws.
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