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female bleeding help please

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hi every1 this is for my friend i am posting as she does npot have the nret, her female kitten she got last month has started bleeding from her lady area today i am no cat expert and none of mine have done this before so i couldnt help her so i said i would ask on here the kitten is roughly 5 month old we think according to the previous owner shes not vocal or even trying to go outside which is great is she in season i thought females never bled in season ny advice we have an appointment for vets tommorrow just trying to put her mind at ease as shes worried sick many thnxs in advnce from us both xxx meant to say the kitten is booked in 4 the 25th for her spaying before we get the 100 messages about spaying lol xxxx
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Cats don't bleed when in heat, as dogs do. Is your friend sure of where the blood is coming from? It might be from the kitten's anus, which could be an indication of parasites or digestive problems. If the blood is in fact coming from the vagina, it can be a serious infection.

If there's a fair amount of blood, and it's being discharged from the kitten's vagina, your friend shouldn't wait until tomorrow to go to the vet.

Good thoughts going out to your friend and her kitten. Please let us know what the vets says.

PS - Glad to hear your friend will be spaying the kitten when she's well!
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Cats do not bleed in heat.
I did have a female have blood from a bladder infection.
Are you sure its not blood from the bladder.
When they are in heat there will be a clear discharge sometimes but that is it. You need to go to the vet now.
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Red discharge from the vagina can be a symptom of pyometra, almost always fatal if not treated.
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My Meeko had pyometra.
The discharge was pinkish brownish.
I know what is was when we called the vet though.
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
The discharge was pinkish brownish.
The discharge can be various shades, yellow, red, brownish etc.
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I know.
Do you think a kitten taht young could get it?
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Go to the vet straight away, that is not normal. Best case scenario is that it is from the anus and caused by worms, but if it is coming from the bladder or the vagina that is very serious and needs to be seen to straight away.
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