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Never trust a weatherman

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The local weatherman was saying last night that there was a 30% chance of a snow flurries, and perhaps a "trace" of snow.

An inch of snow later (and still falling), the window to the outdoor enclosure is closed, and the boys are having to be satisfied watching the birds from indoors on the "Tupperlair".

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What a wintry image, Mike. Just the type of day to stay home with the kitties and drink hot chocolate.
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Just looking at that picture makes me cold!

When it's nicer weather, I'd love to see some shots of your enclosure.
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Same forecast here Mike, now we have about 3 inches Love the pic
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Yeah - our weatherman lied to us too - predicted a few inches (1-2) of snow - we have more like 3-4!

And I need some 45 degree temps to get Jack to Minnesota in the next few weeks!

You southerners - please send some hot air up here in the next 2-3 weeks...PLEASE!!!!!
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We lucked out and got less than forecast.

Still a busy day at my feeders, though. And one white furry birdwatcher at the window.
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We also have weather people that lie. They predicted the same as you, but we got sunshine instead. Not that I'm complaining or anything!

As DH likes to say: just cause they don't know what they are talking about doesn't mean they are lieing.
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Well, Trace seems to be enjoying the trace of snow (The Hobo, too). I live in a north suburbs of the Twin Cities, and it's the same story here. Predicted an inch, we got about five. I like it, though. I hope we get more.
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We have been getting nothing but rain! Lovely pic!!! I havent seen snow in a long time! Even tho the moutains are like 2 hours away! . I will send my "warm weather" if you send some snow??? Sending warm weather
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