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She just turns psycho...

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It was never such a noticeable problem when she was much smaller, or when she wasn't allowed in the bedroom yet..

But sometimes, Luna just goes crazy.

And it's not just playful crazy, there's been a few times I've been quite scared of her.

It'll be completely unprovoked, I'll be lying in bed watching TV and all of a sudden, she starts running around really fast, and starts jumping on everything - like she goes out of her way to jump on things. And she'll come jump on the bed, and run all over me (with claws out!) and randomly bite me somewhere, really quickly but really hard.

If I make a loud noise she goes even more nuts and comes back for another bite, otherwise she runs back out and climbs all over things and then comes back and does it over and over again; all while making this really weird grunting noise.

It's like she's possessed, her pupils become so dilated it looks like she has black eyes.

It can become really scary because you can't get away from her - she's so fast, if you try to get away she'll catch you and she'll attach herself to your arm or your leg and it's hard to get her off - sometimes I need help pulling her off me. It's getting worse as she grows and her jaw is getting stronger...

The only way to avoid her is to lock her out of my bedroom - and she continues to run around for what seems like hours, jumping on everything, knocking everything down, screeching, thumping on my door...

I don't know what do, nothing seems to work. Making loud noises provokes her more, ignoring her makes her attack you more, and locking her out...she just keeps going anyways...

Why does she do this? It happens almost every 2nd day if not everyday.

It's driving me insane, and scaring me!!
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How old is Luna?
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About 5.5 months. I don't think it's just kitten play either, it's completely different to how she behaves when we're just playing.
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