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Pipsqueak is gone. :(

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Pipsqueak went home with his real owner this week. We'd gotten used to the little punk. He taught Hennessy some bad habits (jumping on the tables), but Hennessy really seems to miss him. He'd gotten used to having someone to play with (or, at least, play at) for a few weeks.

I feel bad for the kitty. I really want him to have a playmate.

My roommate says I may have another cat only if it is seal point. She had a himi named 'Precious' way back when and apparently this is why it must be seal point. I'm really wondering if she realizes other kinds of cats come in color point... I'd bet I could talk her into something else if necessary, since it would be MY cat, not hers...

'course it would have to be the right cat too, young enough to play, old enough not to have the kitten crazies too badly... Feline leukemia -, since Hennessy is negative... receptive to long trips if necessary... and has to tolerate a energetic little dog...

The hunt is on (this will definitely take a while), wish me luck!
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If you want to see what's out there & don't want a purebred - Petfinder is the way to go, IMO.
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Petfinder is awesome. I have found two of my dogs on Petfinders, both in different shelters, four years apart. They are the best little guys in the world.

I am on the prowl for a cat myself.
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My local rescue is on Petfinder, so I can find a bunch there... sometimes I wish they were more descriptive, though. 'Cute' is not helpful.

Yeah, I forgot to mention! I prefer to rescue, not buy a purebred. I'd maybe be swayed by a pure raggie, but honestly, I couldn't afford a purebred raggie from a decent breeder + pet dep. + pet rent + vet check all in one month, despite the emergency funds I've got stowed.
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if you put siamese or himlayan in your petfinder search, you should get mostly pointed cats. i just tried it, found 3 lovely seal-pointed cats. i put in siamese, but you could also try himalayan, or balinese, etc.
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Ragdolls, Burmese, Balinese, Himalayan, Lynx, Siamese, Birman and more I can't think of....there's lots to pick from!
Wish you luck!
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We often have pointed cats at our shelter. In fact, there's one there right now, although I think it may be picked up by the owner.

I've seen some gorgeous ones, though.
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Oh, yes. We recently had a lovely blue point mix come through! He didn't last a week! Got snapped up quickly! I also know that in the Detroit area we have rescues dedicated to Siamese and other colorpointed cats. They do take mixes and something like that may be the way to go.
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Thanks for all the suggestions!

I'll be keeping an eye out. I know rescues get pointed cats periodically (I got Hennessy, didn't I? ) But it would have to be the perfect cat.

Though, I am SORELY tempted to pick up this little odd-eyed white kitten nearby... And maybe his sister...
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Yes - get the white kitten!!!
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I showed him to my roommate and she made such a face... I think he scared her a little... I thought he was lovely.

'course, he's unique and younger than I'd like... I'm sure he'll find a new home super-quick!
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*boing boing boing boing boing* We may have found the perfect one!

Hennessy's age, laid back, annnnnd seal point!

I just wanna brush him! Eeee!

Gonna see/get him Saturday!
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Originally Posted by Forensic View Post
*boing boing boing boing boing* We may have found the perfect one!

Hennessy's age, laid back, annnnnd seal point!

I just wanna brush him! Eeee!

Gonna see/get him Saturday!
Oh my...look at those whiskers! He's a cutie, alright.
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Oh, he is gorgeous!!!! get him, get him!
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Brought him home!

He's a little scruffy and could do with a good brush, especially since he got wet on the ride home (spilled his water over his tail, poor boy). He got a little bit of brushing, but we let him be now.

He and Hennessy have sniffed noses and no hissing, no growling, no fluffing.

Disaronno (as he's been named) has the teensiest little meow! It's like a squeak! He's maybe 9 pounds or so (haven't weighed him), but he's quite laid back. He's got a scab/cut on his back, I'll keep an eye on that.

Hennessy is alternating crying and pawing at the door where Disaronno is and begging me for pets/open the door so he can play. Lulu (the dog) knows something is up, but she's not going to come into the picture for a while.

Hopefully we can get Di washed/combed, dried and well fed and then used to the cat and the dog!

Pictures when he's ready!
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Went in to check on him and he's used the box and came right up demanding attention so he got lots of pets and some combing. He has a couple mats I may need to snip (one behind his ear and one under his chin) but his tummy has been shaved (I think they thought he was a girl? That's funny cause he's been neutered but his sack's still apparent (he was a stray)) so no matting there.

His coat's shaping up with some attention and he's obviously very friendly.

The dog tried pushing into the room and got growled at though!
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Oh what a pretty kitty
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Awwwwww, he is sooooooooooo pretty!
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Congratulations! He's beautiful!
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