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School Lunch

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Today while I was having lunch with my daughter at school I was trying to remember my favorite and least favorites school lunchs. I'd have to say my favorite was probably the square pizza with an inch of cheese on top, my least favorite was the taco salad. The meat in the taco salad reminds me of the stuff they use at taco bell !!

What were everyone elses favorites, least favorites from school lunch?
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Pizza was always my favorite, too. Can't remember anything too nasty, but I wasn't too fond of meatloaf.

School lunches are so different these days. At least at the high school level. The middle school where I teach has some seriously scary lunches, but the high school has a salad bar and lots of other choices. Some schools offer Subway or Domino's pizza every day.

When I was in college, I hated when they served lasagna and potatoes. Can we say starch? The best part about college food was the ice cream! Penn State has an on-campus ice cream store called the Creamery. It is sooooo good! No wonder I gained weight.
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The burgers, and french fries...sloppy joes, pizza, & I always loved the chili too...since they always served the best cinnamin rolls with it! yummmmmm
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In elementry school I remember looking forward to french toast sticks day. That was always my favorite. I always got hot lunches through highschool and none of them were really good. My favorite lunch in highschool was probably when they had baked potatoes with cheese and broccoli.
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When we lived in North Carolina, back in '64-'65, the school served collard greens, with every lunch. I HATE collard greens!
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Am I the only one that brought her lunch everyday? I don't think I ever bought a school lunch...
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I can top that! I went home for lunch everyday. My elementary school didn't even have a cafeteria. The few that did eat at school had to brown bag it. I remember having to eat at school for 2 months in the 3rd grade when my mother was pregnant with my brother. The kids made fun of me because I only brought a half of a sandwich. I hated it!!!
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I lived with my Grandmother for a while when I was in primary school and she would make me these sandwiches with this bread that was soooo wholemeal, it was almost black (I think it's called something like Lekkerbrot) and in it, she would put this chicken paste stuff. I HATED it! Now, I love brown bread and love Chicken pate.
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We didn't have a caf, either. You either went home or brought your "dinnerbucket" as it was called. Once a week we had sloppy joe and minisip days (I usually didn't buy it, though), and we had milk delivered to the classrooms daily, but it was always about 45 minutes before lunch and was never cold when we finally got to drink it.

My favourite lunch was Alpha-getti in a thermos...
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in grade school we had pepperoni roll day and it was the best day of the month! our lunch lady would make them herself and I have never tasted one better. We'd all get like 12 pepperoni rolls and be stuffed for the rest of the day!
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My mom packed our lunch every day but Fridays. Friday was always pizza day in the cafeteria. Back then it was Chef Boy Ardee the only pizza in town.
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I always brought my lunch, too, Jenn. Except for on days I was running late, in which case I got the salad bar; I didn't trust the meat our school served, so I never ate anything with meat in it from our school.

And, my freshman year of college, they make you buy a meal plan if you live on campus. Let me tell you what, the dining hall was legendary for bad food. I never ate there, ever, even though I had paid for it! I always just cooked in the kitchen of my dorm.
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LOL! Our meal plan at college was the same. I think I lived that semester on Ritz crackers and peanut butter.

School lunches are no better now, at least at my school. They cook the veggies so much that any nutrients are floating in the water. I still bring my lunch every day!
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Ok so this sounds really GROSS BUT in high school everyone except me would eat hot lunch on the day they made this. Some kind of meat (presumably hamberger) ground up with this sauce that looked like water and grease served over smashed potatoes.

I would go and grab my potatoes and salad and run, RUN really fast out of cafe, even the smell was gross, all my friends thought I was crazy and one time tried to force feed me this mystery meat, luckily I was saved!!!!!!!!

Still thinking of it makes me want to go brush my tongue!!!!!!YUCK, YUCK, YUCKTY YUCK
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