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Help! My cat's tail was partially severed!

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Hello everyone... I am a new member and need help desperatly. The other day my niece noticed the tip of my cat's tail was hanging by what looks to be a nerve of some kind. It is still attached to the actual tail but is dangling by this string. I am not sure what a cat's tail is made out of exactly but it doesnt seem to bother him. He's still eating and drinking water. His routines are the same. The problem is he lives on the roof because our dog doesnt get a long with him. I am thinking maybe our dog bit him and caused the injury but im not sure. He is a stray but he comes to eat at our house so we claim he's our cat and I care about him a lot he was born behind our water heater but he's not people friendly. He will not allow us to get near him especially now that the dog is outside. I dont know what to do! Help!
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I would try to get him to a vet ASAP. I'm not sure how you would approach him if he's scared of people but he really needs help. I'm sure his injury is painful.
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The vet is the only way to help. It could get infected and cause more problems. You may have to ask the vet office or a nearby shelter to borrow a trap if he will not let you put him in a carrier.

Is there any way the dog can stay in a fenced area so the cat is safe? You said "now that the dog is outside", any way the dog can go back in?

I hope you can get him some help and find a better solution to keep him safe.

Good luck to you.
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All of the above plus try to locate and call a cat rescue group to help you with this sweetie pie.
Please keep us updated.
Sending luck to you and kitty.
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Worst case scenario, you may have to call Animal Control (if you have one in your area) to catch him. That's pretty radical, but he may be in serious trouble. The infection from such an injury could easily be fatal. It would be better if the tail had been completely severed.
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it would have been better if the tip was COMPLETELY off, cuz of infection issues. If you can't catch the kitty and if you DID the kitty would FREAK on the vet, you might have to call the shelter people to help treat kitty. Make sure they know that you want kitty to come back home, or they might not do anything to help and just put kitty to sleep But definately do something.!!

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