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My 2 handsome fellas!

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Here are the handsome brothers, BJ and Nixie (l & r) on the sofa in the study.
The pic doesn't do them justice--I happened to turn around, and see Nixie sleeping on the sofa--he is very skitterish, and I have never seen him so relaxed, and on furniture, too! I just had to take a pic. Then, I knocked something over, and woke them...drat.

The ugly yellow thing is a nylon sleeping bag that I throw on the sofa to keep their fur off it, and they just love sleeping on it. I'm trying to find tan ones to match the sofa. Also note the claw damage (to the right) of said sofa!

BJ & Nixie both are FeLV+, but look gorgeous, no?
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You're right, they are very handsome!!! What type of cats are they? How old are they?
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We think they are a Maine Coon mix. They were strays we found at age 5 months or so. I wish I could enlarge the pic, so you could see their beautiful markings,,esp. Nixie's. (And get rid of the glowing eyes!). They are much more gorgeous kitties in real life!

I think they turn 3 in March/April.

Thanks for the compliment; I will pass it on to them!
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How handsome and funny, taking up the entire loveseat! They look pretty big, I would agree, some Maine Coon in them.
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Not sure you could make them look more handsome! What beautiful cats
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I found this from last year. If you;re wondering why my kitchen table is so close to the fridge, let me explain: I had moved the table out of the way, so I could take pics of my cabinet configuration, to email to the cabinet supplier--we were starting a kitchen reno (and the paper towels are from wiping the counter for the pics!). I turned around to see BJ perched on the table, watching me.
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