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RIP Jake

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About a year and a half ago, I gave away a cat I had to a couple I worked with. They had a cat and a dog, and wanted another cat. This cat was the offspring of one of the cats I was babysitting for a friend after a fire in her apartment. Two of my friends lived in the building, across the hall from each other, and I was watching three cats for them. One of them was a female cat, Jake.
This morning, one of my former coworkers (I dont work with them anymore) calls my work and I wasnt there, but gives his number to my asst manager and wants me to call him. Said he had a housefire and lost their cats. One had been found under the bed, and another under the blankets.
This is the fourth fire poor jake has been in!
While my former coworkers owned Jake, they had had 3 fires, including the one that killed her. She lived through 3 fires, and her luck ran out. I still can't believe it. I had to go into the office at work and I started to cry.
Poor Jake
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Umm, okay I'm just going to say this. While I'm feeling the owners pain in losing Jake, what on earth are they doing staying in a place that is SUCH a fire hazard?! Is it a really old place and the wirings are all wonky? Isn't there something they can do about it?

Gosh I hope they don't have anymore pets until they can get this problem fixed or they'll end up cooking a lot more poor animals.
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Godspeed over Rainbow Bridge, little Jake & petmates - our RB TCS crew will be there to greet you
What a tragedy - you must be so torn up inside. it was freaky how that poor cat had been in 4 fires - what were the odds You will be in my prayers and thoughts Susan
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RIP To Jake and the other cats in fire
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Good grief, one fire is bad enlough but 4?!

Did they not have smoke alarms installed after the first one, and what caused the fires?

Your safe at the bridge now Jake

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Poor things What a horrible way to go. I`m so glad we have proper fire alarms installed here.

Rest In peace sweeties
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