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my kitty won't eat - please help!

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I tried searching for this thinking that there MUST have been somebody else with this problem at some time but came up with nothing. So here is the story ...

DH and I adopted a 12 week old kitten back in September. We already had two other 6 year old cats. We brought him home and they all don't get along very well but it seemed to be improving. But then the kitty (Smokey) caught a cold so we brought him to the vet and they tested him and told us he is FeLV+. He had been tested at the shelter but apparently it wasn't in his blood stream yet so it had come up negative. We immediately secluded him from the other two and begged my parents to adopt him. They live 5 hours away from us, but they agreed.

He lived in seclusion from the other kittens for more than a month before we could bring him to my parents' house. We had gotten really excited about bringing him out because once he got over his cold, he just seemed really sad to be so poorly neglected all the time. He seemed lonely. So on Tuesday we finally made the trip and he did fantastic in the car. The next day we brought him to the vet for a basic check-up and while he seemed otherwise healthy (for a FeLV cat) he had a temp of 105!! Normal is 101-102 for those that don't know. We also noticed that he had been eating less since we had moved him the day before.

Unfortunately DH and I had to leave on Thursday but I've been getting regular updates from my mum. She said he is still hardly eating at all and he's barely drinking too. She went to the vet this morning to get an appetite stimulator but she can't get him to take it. She talked to my aunt (a cat lady) who told her to stop trying to force him to take meds and worry more about getting him food and not losing his trust.

Typically he eats dry food (Authority) and we've been mixing some llysine in with some fancy feast ... just a little bit at night. Plus he takes a vitamin but I can't remember the name of it off the top of my head. Up until yesterday, he has always loved the vitamin and gobbled it up immediately. He was also drinking a LOT before we dropped him off. My mum has been trying various different flavors of Fancy Feast but he snubs them all. We gave him Nutro Natural Choice wet food a couple times before we moved him and he would usually eat it but had starting snubbing it right before we made the move.

Any advice that you have to get him to eat ... please tell me. We are desperate. I am also considering going back out to stay for a few extra days just to see if it helps him adjust. I work at home so it's no big deal ... we only didn't stay longer originally because DH had to get back to work. I don't know if this is a good idea, though. If he is starting to adjust, I don't want him to move backwards. He is otherwise receptive to my mum, she says. He sits and cuddles with her ... he is just snubbing the food.

TIA for any advice you might possibly have!!
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you may need to do some assist-feeding... but try some really stinky food, & heat it up first. or meat baby food - 4 out of 5 of mine think that stuff's fantastic!
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My cats have been sick and what I have had to do to feed one of them is.. I have wet ffod, heat it for 8 sec. then take about a pinky nail size amount on my finger and open her mouth, I then kind of smear it off on the mid to back area of her tongue, not too far or she wuld gag, but far enough that she won't spit it out, I then gently hold her mouth so she has to swallow.

I know it sounds mean, but my cat didn't eat for DAYS and was really sick. The last few days of doing this, she is actually starting to walk around a bit. This she hasn't done for over a week. Something must be going ok.

I hope all goes well!
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