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Help! :(

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My 15 m/o desexed boy is constantly attacking our legs when we walk through our garage.We have had him since he was 8weeks old and its only now that he has started doing this. When we tell him no, he gets very talkative and aggresive. Is this an attention seeking thing or something else? it has gotten to the point where my hubby wants to get rid of him if he keeps it up. Please HELP!
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Hi, hope we can help in any way. You mentioned he does this when you walk through the garage, what's the significance of the garage? Is this where his litter is? Is he an indoors kitty? Does it happen anywhere else?
There could be a few possible triggers, more details would help as well. There could be outdoor stray cats around outside causing him to stress and be defenisive. There also could be some chemical smell setting him off.
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Yes this is where his litter is and also where he is fed (but far away from his litter). This is also where he brings his dead lizards. We have to walk through the garage to get to our laundry/bathroom and this is where he sleeps. He does it when we walk to the laundry and back from the laundry. He has been desexed for almost a year. He doesnt do it anywhere else. He is normally very friendly and playful towards us until we step into the garage. Could this be a territorial thing? If so, whyis it only happening now? Or could it be that he is just playing way too rough and gets angry because we tell him no?
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Is he an outside cat that comes to live in the garage at night? Maybe he wants to play or be with the family. This might be a playful attempt to interact with you. He is still a "teenager".
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He spends most of his time inside with us, some nights he goes out at abt 5 and comes back around 9 but most of the time he is inside with us. I hope its just a phase, cos it really hurts when he grabs on!
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Can you take a toy with you when you walk through the garage and distract him with it by dangling it and/or throwing it? Hopefully he would divert his attention from your legs to the toy, or maybe throw some treats so he goes after those instead of you.
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