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Cleos paperwork came from Tica today

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What to I copy and send to Cfa?
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I thought you said the breeder also registered his cats in CFA? If so, he should have the CFA registration too. If not, then you need a copy of the pedigree and a copy of of TICA registration. Check on CFA website to verify exactly what you need or contact them by phone (Monday) or email on what you need.

It will cost extra since the cat is not CFA litter registered.

I'm waiting for Jack's papers - breeder registered him at the show last week and they will be sent to me. Then I can send everything to ACFA.

Here's CFA's website:


Section 3 - Registration via Certified Pedigree: Under certain circumstances, a cat registered with another recognized association may be eligible for CFA registration without prior CFA litter registration by the breeder.
Application for registration can be made via certified pedigree if the cat’s records meet the following requirements*:

1. The sire or dam is not CFA litter or individually registered,
2. The breeder is not currently a CFA registered breeder.

A cat is not eligible for individual registration by pedigree if:

1. The parents are both CFA registered,
2. The breeder is a CFA registered breeder.

*Except Selkirk Rex. A Selkirk Rex registered in another cat registry is eligible for CFA registration. A copy of the registration certificate must be provided to CFAwith the request for registration. The “registration via pedigree†fee applies.
To obtain registration for cats eligible under this policy, a 5-generation certified pedigree (see “Note†for exceptions to the 5-generation requirement), issued by the registrar of the association in which the cat is currently registered, must be submitted for CFA files. Pedigrees used for this type of registration will be accepted only from previously certified associations.
RECORDED CATS: Cats may be individually recorded for breeding purposes only. The requirements for recording are identical to those for individual registration via pedigree, except that one less generation of ancestry is required. Recorded cats may not be shown at CFA shows.
NOTE: The following breeds require certified pedigrees for the number of generations indicated in parentheses after the breed name: Abyssinian (8), American Wirehair (4), Balinese* (3 or 5), Burmese (8), Chartreux (4), Devon Rex (3), Javanese* (3 or 5), Korat (3), Ragdoll (3), Russian Blue (8), Scottish Fold (4), Selkirk Rex (no pedigree required, see * at beginning of Section 3), Siamese (8), Siberian (3), Sphynx (3), Tonkinese (3) and Turkish Angora (3). All other breeds require 5 generations.
*Only certain outcrossed Balinese and Javanese are eligible to be registered using a 3 generation pedigree. Contract the CFA Central Office for details.
Individuals planning to import a cat or register a cat from a domestic association should contact the Central Office for information regarding requirements and documentation needed to begin the registration process.
Titles and awards won in other associations will not be recorded or shown on CFA records.
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They sent me three extra copies of her pedigree.
I got the 5 generation pedigree.
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Ok then contact CFA and see if you need anything else before you send it in to get registration on her - and check the fees.
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I will ask them what I need.
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It's actually very simple:

1. Copy of the TICA Cert
2. Copy of the 5 gen pedigree
3. Covering letter stating that you sould like to register the cat with CFA as a neuter. Put in the covering letter a CC #, expiry date and name on CC.

If I'm not mistaken, you can do it all online For enquiries email registration@cfa.org or registration2@cfa.org

Good luck!
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I will do that.
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