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Leaving kitty for the weekend?

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I am very nervous about leaving my kitten for the weekend in March. She will be almost 6 months and she is very much a people cat. she follows me from room to room, and spends as much time as she can in any available lap. Part of the reason I never had pets was the worrying about them when travelling.

I do have neighbors who are cat people who can stop in 2x a day to play, check food, change water and scoop litter. We would be gone from Fri night to Sunday night late. I just had to scrap vacation plans with the kids this last week as dh had to travel for work and I didn't want to leave Sasha home alone.

She'll be fine, right?? So far the longest we've left here has been about 8-10 hours. 2 days just seems so long. Will she be mad at us?

We are taking a 2 week vacation this summer and I am already trying to get a college age cousin to come stay here and cat/house/pool sit for us...


marieba the neurotic
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As long as she has plenty of food and water, a couple of days should be no problem. She likely will be very glad to see you when you get back.

In fact, I prefer the risk of leaving our cats alone to the risks of having someone come in who might be careless enough to let them escape.
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We show cats - gone from Friday till late Sunday and left the cats at home and they were fine. I usually make sure they have and extra 2 bowls of water and fill up their dishes with dry food (give them canned before I leave and as soon as we get back).

They have fresh clean litter pans too. We have a dog and the neighbor will come and let her out and feed her, but he doesn't have to worry about the cats.
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