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Very Sad Times Indeed :(

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my bleeds for what is happening right now more than ever in the world.

There are more and more poor cats being let go in my neighborhood from people loosing their homes or not being able to feed their pets.

We own 6 indoor cats already and my husband has told me several times enough is enough. But, I can't help but cry when I see them starving outside my door.

Finally I started putting food out. My husband was not very happy with me. It has been a rule in our home you feed a cat you own a cat and he says we can't save them all. We are financially unstable also at this time.

I finally snapped and told him I know we can't save them all but DAMMIT I refuse to see them starve outside our home. It's not the cats fault they are out there, I am sure they would love to be inside with our babies.

So we made a compromise, I can feed them if I promise not to bring them inside.

Not sure what else I can do for them... I have put out a few blankets in large garbage barrels I turned sideways, but they must be sleeping somewhere else.

hugs Menou Lover
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If you are helping them with food, you must also secure they are spayed / neutered. Otherwise you will soon have more and more of them at your backyard...

Try to find someone to cooperate with for the spaying-programme. Some tnr-group, a rescue group or something. Perhaps even the citys responsible bureu (whatsisitsname).

and good luck!
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Our little town has animal control... plain and simple (ya'll know what the means right?)

I have asked and asked the rescue places in the area for help to capture the last stray we found, with no luck. They didn't even respond to my emails or repeated phone calls.

There are in my neighborhood people (mean and cruel) who capture them and then kill them or take them out to the country and let them go

So I don't know what to do. How do I really know these guys are strays? The last time I thought we had one, it actually belonged to the family down the street. I talked till I was blue in the face about having his tom fixed and where he could get a coupon for $20.00 off to do it and then the cheapest place in town to have it done.

He finally got tired of my harassment and made an apt for his tom. The day it was suppose to happen he came to my door and asked if we had seen his cat? Nope ... guess he waited to long to have it done. Their cat is now gone ...

I have contacted the control people and the police about these people who do this to cats. I have been basically told you can do what you want on your own property.

I guess I will need to talk to my husband about spending money we don't have to help cats we can't afford to own. This is not going to go over well maybe I should just not feed them. god help me plz.

Menou Lover
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I don't know where you live in California but these may be able to help you get the cats spayed/neutered for low cost or free so you don't end up with more mouths to feed!

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