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RIP Bear

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My brother's cat, Bear, lost her short fight to a tumor on her esophagus yesterday.

He had taken her in as a pregnant feral in Florida 16 years ago. Her two kittens were stillborn (she was very young and small), and he had her spayed. He brought her with him when he moved to our property in Arkansas.

She was always feisty and dominant, but until very recently, she slept against him every night.

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I am so sorry for your brother's loss.

RIP Bear
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Unfortunately, while he loves cats (he still has 4 in the house and feeds a couple outside), he's kind of hard-hearted and practical in his beliefs about death. He won't even use the terms "put to sleep" or "passed away."

His loss. We all have our peculiarities, don't we.

He was in tears when he told me about having her euthanized yesterday.
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I guess everyone has their way of dealing with difficult feelings and that`s his. You know I was laying in bed the other night thinking to myself that while no one knows for sure what happens when we or our pets pass, I`d rather believe in Rainbow Bridge than nothing It`s just a comfort thing for people.

I`m sorry he lost her. She was a really pretty girl
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I'm sorry for your Brothers loss. Rest in Peace Bear.
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Bear was gorgeous. I'm sorry for your brothers loss too but what a good life she had.
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Bear is such a cute name for a kitty. When I saw the title I thought you were posting about a big hunk of a dog.

Bear looks very pretty, my heart melted when you told of how she slept against your brother in the days leading to her death. Poor baby...

Rest in Peace, Bear
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Condolences to your brother on losing Bear. I lost my first JC to the same thing She was a beautiful girl How fortunate that your brother rescued her and gave her a wonderful life Since she had that terrible cancer in her future, it was a good thing that she was in a good home where she got the necessary vet care.
Play happily over RB with your little stillborn babies, Bear
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RIP Bear
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